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copywriting &mastermind marketing system Martin Lee on 11 Apr 2008

Creating Powerful Headlines

This part 10 of the Mastermind Marketing System summary is a continuation from part 9 and talks about headlines and the other elements in a direct mail package.

The headline is a critical aspect of your marketing as it is the opening statement to a prospect before they decide whether they want to do anything else. You want to convey to the prospect compelling benefits so that he is intrigued to carry on.

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copywriting &mastermind marketing system Martin Lee on 14 Mar 2008

The Immense Power of a Well-Crafted Sales Letter

It has been a while since I wrote the last summary of the Mastermind Marketing System. Time seems to be getting more of a luxury these days.

Perhaps one day, I will have to experiment with a polyphasic sleeping style. 😉

Anyway, this post talks about the use of a direct mail package and writing good sales letters.

No matter what business you are in, whether you are getting new clients or just to keep in touch with existing ones, one of the most critical tools you can use is a well crafted sales letter. Continue reading » The Immense Power of a Well-Crafted Sales Letter

copywriting &video Martin Lee on 14 Feb 2008

Jay Abraham School of Copywriting

If you have any interest in copywriting, here’s a small Valentine’s treat for you. This video shows Jay Abraham in one of his seminars teaching his attendees how they can write a good salesletter. Enjoy this 10-min video and do leave your comments on how you find it.

copywriting Martin Lee on 20 Jul 2007

Copywriting Articles by Jay Abraham

One of AbrahamClub.com’s readers, Tim Thach, has kindly pointed to us a site which has a few articles written by Jay Abraham on copywriting. These are the titles of the articles:

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copywriting &world internet summit Martin Lee on 31 May 2007

Closing by Jay Abraham at WIS

Jay Abraham was the speaker “tasked” with delivering the closing speech of the World Internet Mega Summit.

He started with a 10-min “sales pitch” of his materials that he was making available for people to model. Included were a couple of products that people could start selling immediately.

This was followed by a 10-min motivational roundup and a 50 minute sharing session. This was conducted in the form of an interview done by Brett McFall.

There were quite a number of points covered and I will be listing some of them out below: Continue reading » Closing by Jay Abraham at WIS

copywriting &news &referral system Martin Lee on 10 Apr 2007

Gary Halbert Has Passed Away

Gary Halbert, the great copywriter, has just passed away.

Got the news from a John Reese message in copywriters board.

It so happened that in the last Gary Halbert Letter he wrote before he died, he mentioned about me.

I have never met Gary in person before, but I can’t help but feel a sudden sense of loss. Even though he was a guru, Gary was a humble person who actually bothered to read and reply to my emails.

John Carlton, one of Gary’s best friends, wrote a touching tribute about Gary.

This is indeed a sad day for all of us.

copywriting Martin Lee on 23 Feb 2007

Gary Halbert – The Prince of Print

Gary Halbert, The Prince of Print, is one of the best, if not THE best copywriter in the world.

Gary writes a newsletter, The Gary Halbert Letter, which is read by countless worldwide. If you have not read his letters before, I recommend that you go to his site to check it out.

Today, I got the biggest surprise of my life when I found out (from a very excited friend, Tay) that I have been mentioned in the latest issue of his newsletter. This is the same feeling that you get when you realise you have won the lottery (Not that I have won the lottery before).

Gone into his swipe file permanently and probably into the files of thousands others too.

I have since “confessed” to Gary that I wasn’t the one who wrote that sales letter. If I was, I would have been extremely pleased.

Thank you Gary. I owe you.

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copywriting Martin Lee on 11 Dec 2006

Writing a Good Sales Letter

I’m currently in the process of watching a Dan Kennedy seminar on copywriting, so I thought I will share some of the things that I had learnt.

Writing words that sell is an important skill that everyone should master. True, you can outsource the copywriting task to a professional copywriter. But at the end of the day, you still need to know some basics so that you can differentiate a good copy from a lousy one!

There are a few formulas for writing a sales letter:

Formula 1
State the problem.
Agitate the problem.
Solve the problem.

Formula 2 – AIDA
Arousal – Catch their attention, alarm them, make them curious, offer them a huge promise
Interest – Provide support of your points, tell a story
Desire – Promise them results, make them an irresistable offer with a guarantee
Action – Instruct them on what they need to do to close the sale, give them a sense of urgency

Whether your target audience is a consumer market or a business customer, the letter should be written as if you are talking to a single person. Remember that at the end of the letter, it is always a single person reading it and making the buy decision.

The first step to writing a good sales letter is getting into the frame of mind of the target audience. You must know the target market very well as well as any lingo that they speak.

One good place that you can go for this research is internet forums. Go to DMOZ, search for the category that you are researching for, and look under “Chats and Forums”.

Look around the forums to find out how they speak, what are some of their problems/concerns, their “hot buttons” and any words or special phrases that they use.

If you are part of the same target audience, then this step will be simple or even unnecessary. Otherwise, considerable time should be spent doing this research even before writing anything.