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downloads Jay Abraham on 10 Jul 2010

Gifts From Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is gifting some of his valuable resources away:

  • Two of his best selling books
  • Interview with Anthony Robbins
  • 502 Case studies
  • 87-question self assessment diagnostic

and more…

You can download them here:

Hint: click on the links under “Want to learn more about me”

downloads &maven marketing Martin Lee on 21 Feb 2008

Maven Matrix Manifesto

About two weeks ago, I did a summary of the maven marketing teleconference call hosted by Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren. Just today, Rich Schefren has released a 83-page report called Maven Matrix Manifesto.

This report elaborates on the concept of Maven Marketing and is obviously more structured than what I had attempted to cover in my summary notes earlier.

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downloads &teleconference Martin Lee on 10 Jan 2008

Spike Humer on Conciously Creating Your Future

Spike Humer has graciously allowed me to share the contents of a group teleconference he conducted for about 1800 students. This is a bonus component given as part of a 13-month mentoring program he did with Jay Abraham.

If you have read Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” or seen the movie “The Secret”, you will know this phrase:

Our thoughts create our future.

Through the group teleconference, Spike Humer details an effective strategy and blueprint for doing just that.

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downloads Martin Lee on 18 Dec 2007

Jay Abraham Mindmap with Rich Schefren

I just came across a mindmap that Rich Schefren produced from his brainstorming session with Jay Abraham. This 6-page mindmap summarises at a glance some key marketing ideas of Jay Abraham.

Rich is the founder of Strategic Profits and also the author of a few groundbreaking reports, including the “Internet Business Manifesto” and “Attention Age Doctrine“.

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downloads Martin Lee on 18 Oct 2007

Jay Abraham Talk to The CEO Club

Thanks to John, you can listen to a mp3 audio of a talk given by Jay Abraham to The CEO club. The session is about one hour long and you and download the audio using this link:


There are also audios at that page by other speakers like Frank Abagnale, Jack Canfield, Ken Fisher, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman, Harvey MacKay, Michael Bloomberg and more.


All the audios are available for free. Enjoy!

downloads &joint ventures Martin Lee on 03 Aug 2007

How Chet Holmes Convinced Jay Abraham to a JV

This week, I have in place a nice little bonus for you. You’ll find it at the end of this post.

But before I go into that, I want to share a short story I’ve just read from the Chet Holmes book. A story of how Chet managed to get Jay Abraham to become his joint venture partner. A story (if you have not read before) that will no doubt make you realise how little you are currently doing.

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downloads Martin Lee on 28 Feb 2007

Jay Abraham’s 502 Incredible Case Studies Index

One problem that we might encounter is translating Jay Abraham’s theories into practical actions.

Jay has a wonderful case study collection of how his clients (each written by them) obtain practical results using his strategies.

This collection is pure gold but one problem with it is that it is not organised in any manner. You get examples after examples lined up one after another.

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downloads Martin Lee on 06 Feb 2007

An Interview With Jay Abraham

I just finished reading an interview conducted by Janet Attwood with Jay Abraham.

In this interview, Jay talks about:

– His passions.
– His lowest point in life and how he got back on track.
– The fast track way of getting everything, anything and more than everything you want.
– Why people give up on their dreams.
– The ninety second version of his Strategy of Preeminence.
– The biggest reasons most people don’t achieve the enrichment on both financial and emotional levels.

You can download the transcript and read all about it.

Note: Also included in the pdf are transcripts of interviews with Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Harv Eker, Robert Allen, Dr. Stephen Covey and more.