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leverage &mastermind marketing system &optimization Martin Lee on 17 Jun 2007

How to Uncover Your Greatest Opportunity

In my earlier post on the Mastermind Marketing System, I mentioned that my copy was still lying in my bookshelf. I received a feedback from Paul, one of the regular readers of my blog.

You must listen to the Nightingale CDs although it’s more of an introduction to Jay than anything more sophisticated.

I realised that he has a very good point, so I decided to finally get down to listening to it. I will be writing a very detailed summary here as well. To get the ball rolling, here’s the first installment of a 12-part series: Continue reading » How to Uncover Your Greatest Opportunity

gordon bizar &leverage &teleconference Martin Lee on 24 Apr 2007

Special 90-Minute Lesson On Creating Business Wealth

This 90-minute lesson by Jay Abraham will cover on how you can use financial leverage to build your business empire.

If you have listened to the Guardian Angel Wealth Building Teleconference a few weeks ago, you would already have some grasp of the topic.

Here’s your chance to advance and reinforce your education in this area – for free.

After you have registered, you�ll also be given a special preparatory report entitled �Winning In Business“.

Here’s the link for registration.

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gordon bizar &leverage &mentorship Martin Lee on 02 Apr 2007

Jay Abraham Guardian Angel Wealth Building Mentoring

Just some additional points to my previous post on the Guardian Angel Wealth Building Mentorship program by Jay.

A first group of students had already started their mentorship program in the month of March 07. They had their introductory call in March and their next calls are on 9th April and 23th April.

If you join in the program now, this is likely to be the arrangement:

1) A separate introductory call will be conducted for you. You will also have access to the recording of the introductory call of the first group.

2) Depending on the number of mentees for your group, you will be either be:

(a) Merged into the first group for subsequent live calls; OR

(b) Have a series of calls just for your group.

For more information and latest updates, you can speak to Mary at 310-265-1840.

gordon bizar &leverage &mentorship Martin Lee on 29 Mar 2007

Gordon Bizar

If you have listened to the Guardian Angel Wealth teleconference, you will hear Jay mentioning about his partner in the mentorship program, Gordon Bizar.

If you want to find out more information about Gordon, you can start off by visiting his Bizar Financing website. He also has a free 2hr home study course that you can download.

With regards to the mentorship program, the closing date for joining has not been confirmed yet. What I have gathered from Abraham Group is that they will be accepting applications for at least a couple of weeks more.

If you need any additional clarification on the program, you can call Jay’s office and ask to speak to Mary. She can be reached at 310-265-1840 during normal office hours.

gordon bizar &leverage &teleconference Martin Lee on 22 Mar 2007

Jay Abraham Guardian Angel Wealth Building Teleconference

Note: This is a copy of the email that I sent to my readers earlier. Because of concerns over email deliverability issues, I have decided to post it here again. Read this post carefully to find out how you can listen in to a recording of this incredible teleconference this weekend.

Last week, famed business growth expert, Jay Abraham, conducted an unusual and wildly stimulating, two-hour and forty-one minute briefing for a group of specialized entrepreneurs on how they could:

* Buy a prosperous business, using none of their own capital.

* Take their existing business, expand it to the moon – again, without any out-of-pocket financial expense on their side. Without any capital coming from them.

* Use their existing business to rapidly acquire a small or large business empire.

The entire focus of Jay’s call was how to build rapid and accelerated business wealth — without risk and without using any of your own capital.

This is nothing Jay’s ever talked about before. It is only remotely related to marketing.

In fact, it focuses on a triple leverage concept combining leveraged buyouts, industry roll ups and “strategic arbitration” that no one else has ever combined-together, before.

It deals totally with a skill set that has catapulted more 21st century entrepreneurs to centi-millionaire and billionaire status than any other single skill set you can master.

Ironically, that same skill that a hundred-millionaire to a billionaire uses can be used to launch your start-up or struggling enterprise into the realm of ultra-prosperity.

It’s the perfect way for anyone working for someone else to catapult yourself into a prosperous business ownership position — without risking a dime of your own capital.

It can be used to take your solidly profitable business and turn it into a cash flow generating giant. It could be used to take your large company and make it a national or even international empire.

Your choice.

Here’s the point:

Jay took two hours and forty-one minutes last week to explain the nuances. The ins and outs. The specialized techniques you need to master.

And most importantly, he shared tons of real-world examples and transactions (complete with the fundamental strategies and implementation tactics that made them work).

Originally the call was supposed to last just 90 minutes. Jay didn’t realize he was going to go over almost double.

And yet, 90% of all the people on the live call, in the beginning, stayed on until the end.

And many people called Jay’s office afterwards and said it was the most provocative, stimulating, potentially enriching two hours and forty-one minutes they’d ever spent.

I doubt seriously that Jay will ever replay this particular session again — the reason is simple.

At the end, he made an offer to trial mentor people in the process of building your own business empire — for 45 days — without any binding commitment on their part.

Most people, I don’t think, have the focus, the clarity, the appreciation or the commitment capability to sit through two hours and 41 minutes. Even though every minute of Jay’s session is solid gold.

However, if YOU do, I strongly urge you to shift your schedule, grab a pad and pencil and prepare for the short course, profiteering and opportunistic education “primer” of a lifetime.

Jay explains twelve different ways to acquire a prosperous business — for zero capital out-of-pocket.

He shares ten real life stories of how other men and women went from financial mediocrity to earning millions using these same techniques.

He walks you through specific tactics, strategies and then answers most of the key questions you could ever have.

Jay is a great friend of mine and I’ve gotten him to allow me to rebroadcast the recording of that session he did last week for my readers this weekend – only. We’re doing it on Saturday at 1:00pm Pacific (4:00pm Eastern) and again on Sunday at 1:00pm Pacific (4:00pm Eastern).

I’m replaying it for you two separate times, so that, if you get into it and love it, but have to go — you can listen to the end again.

If I asked you to pay for this “fast-track” primer on buying, growing or starting a business or business empire using no capital and no expertise — it’d be well worth it.

With the complimentary pass I’m giving you, it’s the income generating deal of the decade.

Here is the registration link.

Jay is a good friend; and I told him many of you would be interested in the proposition Jay offered his own top clients (at the end of the session). Especially — since it requires no binding commitment or obligation on your part, whatsoever!

So he agreed to let me replay the entire unedited, unabridged 2 hour 41 minute session for you this weekend.

Certainly there IS a proposition at the end, but it’s one that you’d be foolish not to try out for 45 days.

If you’re someone who wants to “ratchet-up” your business success and your wealth, there is no better way to spend two hours and 41 minutes this weekend.

I hope you can schedule the time to listen in for the complete session. Here is the registration link again.

Jay trusts me that replaying it will be great for you and good for him, too. Listen to the call in its entirety. Then decide for yourself.

Again, replay is on 24th March 2007 (Saturday) at 1pm Pacific 4pm Eastern.
The second replay is on 25th March 2007 (Sunday) at 1pm Pacific 4pm Eastern.

If you listen, I hope it inspires you.

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