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mastermind marketing system Martin Lee on 04 Jul 2007

Jay Abraham’s Four Cornerstones of Business Success

Continuing from where I stopped for my discussion of Mastermind Marketing System, here are Jay Abraham’s four cornerstones of business success:

1) To maximise what you are already doing. Get rid of sub-optimal tasks and replace them with far higher performing options.

2) To multiply your success by going outside your industry, borrowing their success processess and adding them as new revenue streams and activities.

Your goal is to be first or only one to borrow and apply something in your industry that hasn’t been done before.

Continue reading » Jay Abraham’s Four Cornerstones of Business Success

mastermind marketing system &optimization Martin Lee on 22 Jun 2007

Going Outside The Box

Here’s the second part summary of Mastermind Marketing System.

Not one in the hundreds of people you compete with understand about the concept of the geometry of their business. Most people try to grow their business in a linear manner. 10% a year, a little bit better.

When you work on the geometry on your business, you get many different activities or elements to improve their performance all at the same time and get compound growth. Continue reading » Going Outside The Box

leverage &mastermind marketing system &optimization Martin Lee on 17 Jun 2007

How to Uncover Your Greatest Opportunity

In my earlier post on the Mastermind Marketing System, I mentioned that my copy was still lying in my bookshelf. I received a feedback from Paul, one of the regular readers of my blog.

You must listen to the Nightingale CDs although it’s more of an introduction to Jay than anything more sophisticated.

I realised that he has a very good point, so I decided to finally get down to listening to it. I will be writing a very detailed summary here as well. To get the ball rolling, here’s the first installment of a 12-part series: Continue reading » How to Uncover Your Greatest Opportunity

mastermind marketing system &products Martin Lee on 07 Jun 2007

Mastermind Marketing System

While doing some surfing around on the internet for Jay Abraham’s products, I found out that the price of the Mastermind Marketing System being sold at Nightingale Conant has been greatly reduced.

Seven months ago, they were selling it for US$139.95. Today, it is only going for US$89.95. No idea how long they are going to sell it at this reduced price.

I still have my brand new Mastermind Marketing System sitting in my bookshelf. Maybe it’s time for me to get down to listening it. 🙂

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