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gordon bizar &leverage &mentorship Martin Lee on 02 Apr 2007

Jay Abraham Guardian Angel Wealth Building Mentoring

Just some additional points to my previous post on the Guardian Angel Wealth Building Mentorship program by Jay.

A first group of students had already started their mentorship program in the month of March 07. They had their introductory call in March and their next calls are on 9th April and 23th April.

If you join in the program now, this is likely to be the arrangement:

1) A separate introductory call will be conducted for you. You will also have access to the recording of the introductory call of the first group.

2) Depending on the number of mentees for your group, you will be either be:

(a) Merged into the first group for subsequent live calls; OR

(b) Have a series of calls just for your group.

For more information and latest updates, you can speak to Mary at 310-265-1840.

gordon bizar &leverage &mentorship Martin Lee on 29 Mar 2007

Gordon Bizar

If you have listened to the Guardian Angel Wealth teleconference, you will hear Jay mentioning about his partner in the mentorship program, Gordon Bizar.

If you want to find out more information about Gordon, you can start off by visiting his Bizar Financing website. He also has a free 2hr home study course that you can download.

With regards to the mentorship program, the closing date for joining has not been confirmed yet. What I have gathered from Abraham Group is that they will be accepting applications for at least a couple of weeks more.

If you need any additional clarification on the program, you can call Jay’s office and ask to speak to Mary. She can be reached at 310-265-1840 during normal office hours.

mentorship &teleconference Martin Lee on 02 Jan 2007

Jay Abraham Conference Call and Mentoring

If you missed out on the previous rebroadcast of Jay Abraham’s keynote session at Harv Eker’s “World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar”, I have some good news for you.

There are a few more sessions scheduled for these two weeks. You can register for them using this link.

Also, there’s just about two weeks to go before Jay starts his Mastermind Marketing Mentorship Program.

If your business is in need of an income boost this year, why not consider joining his mentorship? It’s risk free and the worst thing that can come out of it is that you get 2 free months of mentorship with him.

Infinite upside and limited (or no) downside!

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mentorship Martin Lee on 06 Dec 2006

Master Mind Marketing Mentorship Program – Group II

I had just put up some information on a mentorship program that Jay will be starting this month. This is a program spread over 15 months.

To find out more about it, read this news.