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joint ventures &seminar &teleconference Martin Lee on 15 Oct 2008

How to Prosper From All The Financial Collapses

Reproducing an email from Jay Abraham below:

Whether you own a business, work for a business,
are unemployed, retired or a student — you can
honestly, successfully, immediately and massively
profit from ALL the financial and economic crisis
we’re dealing with today.

How? Many different and lucrative ways.

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teleconference Martin Lee on 25 Sep 2008

Jay Abraham Call with Rich Schefren

Join Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren as they focus on overcoming the barriers that are blocking you from success, and how clearing these hurdles can help you discover the key leveraging point for your business.

In this “Constraint-Busting” Teleseminar, they’ll talk about the tools you need to eliminate those walls and finally achieve the wealth, freedom, and lifestyle you deserve.

Plus, they’ll talk about some of their personal constraints they’ve faced over the years, and how they overcame them.

You can download the mp3 and pdf of the teleconference here:

Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren (Click and scroll down the page to the post dated 24th Sep 08)

joint ventures &teleconference Martin Lee on 16 Aug 2008

Joint Venture Dealmaker

I haven’t been updating this blog for a while as I have been busy with a major shift in direction for my work. I also took some time off to smell the roses. More on the roses in another post.

Along the way, this site also got hacked and it took me a bit of effort to restore it.

Going ahead, I think the frequency of my updates will be one post every one or two months.

Anyway, just a quick update of what Jay Abraham is currently offering. In case you haven’t got his email, he’s conducting a course on doing joint ventures. The three classes via teleconference will be held over the next two weeks.

You can find out more details about the joint venture course here.

seminar &teleconference Martin Lee on 28 Mar 2008

Listen to Jay Abraham Answer Provocative Questions About Reunion-Reunion

If you are still deciding whether to attend Jay Abraham’s upcoming Reunion-Reunion event, you might be interested in this call where Jay answers some questions about the event (Just a recap, click here to see the list of powerhouse speakers at the event).

Regretfully, I won’t be able to make it for the event. 🙁 I’ve been extremely busy with some financial stuff that I’m getting into.

Here’s the email from Jay with details for the call:

Continue reading » Listen to Jay Abraham Answer Provocative Questions About Reunion-Reunion

maven marketing &teleconference Martin Lee on 08 Feb 2008

Maven Marketing by Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham

Today is the second day of the Chinese New Year. It is a period where Chinese worldwide celebrate their new year (based on the lunar calender). Officially, the celebration lasts fifteen days but here in Singapore, we only get two days of public holidays. In China, they get all fifteen days. 😀 (Update: Was told they don’t.)

Chinese New Year Goodies
With lots of food and a bit of spare time, I finally gotten down to compiling my notes for the Maven Marketing teleconference call by Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren I listened to earlier (Click here to listen to a replay).There’s lots of notes below (missed out quite a lot too) but the gist of the call can be summed up as follows: Continue reading » Maven Marketing by Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham

maven marketing &teleconference Martin Lee on 01 Feb 2008

Rich Schefren Teleseminar Frustrations

I have been trying to get onto the Rich Schefren teleconference with Jay Abraham for the past two days without success. Too much confusion over the hiccups and last minute notices. Got the wrong call-in time as I just realised that 31st Jan is not a Friday!

Rich has arranged a few more sessions over the weekend so I’m going to try again. Will post a summary here if I DO finally manage to get onto the call.

Timing of the new sessions are as follows:

Call 1
Friday, Feb 1 at 6:00 pm EST

Call 2
Saturday, Feb 2 at 1:00 pm EST

Call 3
Sunday, Feb 3 at 11:00 am EST

maven marketing &teleconference Martin Lee on 01 Feb 2008

Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham Teleseminar Replay

As you already know, Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren did a teleseminar a couple of days ago.

They were supposed to do so anyway.

From the update given by Rich Schefren on his blog, it seemed that it didn’t go too well, so they are replaying the teleseminar again today.

Yes, today.

Rich mentioned that

On the call you�ll be hearing Jay and I actually gift you an internationally recognized training program that over a 1,000 people have paid $25,000 a piece to experience

You can read more details about it at Rich Schefren’s blog.

I am going to have to listen to the call later to see exactly what they are giving away. There will be 3 sessions for the call:

Call 1
Friday, Jan 31 at 10:00 am EST

Call 2
Friday, Jan 31 at 3:00 pm EST

Call 3
Friday, Jan 31 at 8:00 pm EST

maven marketing &teleconference Martin Lee on 30 Jan 2008

Free Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren Tele-Seminar Tonight

I just received an email from Rich Schefren announcing about a teleconference he’s doing with Jay Abraham today. This is an improved version of another session they did just a couple of days ago and also a second chance for you to hear it if you missed it earlier.

Inside this teleconference, they will talk about:

  • A fast track path to making and sustaining massive income by doing what you love.
  • How to multiply your marketing�s effectiveness by shifting from pitching and interrupting to delivering value and profiting.
  • The best positioning you could ever hope for in your market and the most time tested ways to capture it.

You can read more details about it at Rich Schefren’s blog.

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