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copywriting &mastermind marketing system Martin Lee on 11 Apr 2008 12:02 am

Creating Powerful Headlines

This part 10 of the Mastermind Marketing System summary is a continuation from part 9 and talks about headlines and the other elements in a direct mail package.

The headline is a critical aspect of your marketing as it is the opening statement to a prospect before they decide whether they want to do anything else. You want to convey to the prospect compelling benefits so that he is intrigued to carry on.

Don’t think of headlines as only the title on a salesletter. It can also exist in various other formats:

  • The opening phrase you use in person or on the phone to greet a prospect
  • The banner you use
  • The signage on your shop or vehicle
  • The subject heading in your email or fax
  • The beginning of your advertisement or brochure

Here are some examples of test-tested headlines. You can think of modifing some of them to suit you needs. This is the fastest way to create your own headlines.

  • The Secret of Making People Like You
  • A Little Mistake that Costs a Farmer $3000 a Year
  • Advice to Why Husbands Don’t Save Money
  • Are You Ever Tounge-Tied at a Party?
  • How I Improve My Memory in One Evening
  • Discover the Fortune that Lies Hidden in Your Cellar
  • How I Made a Fortune with a Fool Idea
  • Whose Fault is it When Children Disobey
  • How a New Kind of Clay Improved my Complexion in 30 Days
  • 6 Types of Investors – Which Group Are You In?
  • How Much is Worker Tension Costing Your Company?

If you want to craft your own headline from scratch, here are some methods of framing you can adopt in writing it:

  • Measure the size of the claim
  • Measure the speed of the claim
  • Comparing the claim
  • Metaphorise the claim
  • Sensatise the claim
  • Demonstrate the claim showing examples
  • State the claim as a paradox
  • Remove limitations from a claim
  • Associate the claim with other people whom the prospect can identify
  • Show how much in detail the claim does
  • Offer information how to accomplish the claim
  • Tie authority to the claim
  • Before and after claim
  • State the claim as a case history question

The last two aspects of a direct mail package are the lift note and the order device.

Lift Note

To summarise and restate the entire essence of the offer and the payoff for the reader.

Order or response device

Can be an order form they can fax or mail back.

Don’t just think of direct mail as a one dimensional tool for getting sales.

Among other things, direct mail can be used to uncover leads, setup appointments, sell a product or service, presell a call, follow up on a call, follow up on a sale, provide continual updates, announcement of new products and promotions.

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