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world internet summit Martin Lee on 06 Jun 2007 11:27 am

Friends of Abraham Club at WIS

Just the other day, one of my friends (and regular reader) emailed me after reading my WIS review , “Hey that’s not fair, I took a photo with you that day too and why it is not in your blog? I am also a future successful Internet marketer

Well, he has a point, so here are some photos (in no particular order of merit) of interesting people from Abraham Club that were with me at WIS. 🙂

Jean Wong

Jean is in the health and wellness industry and runs a regular mastermind group sharing session for Jay Abraham graduates. If you are based in Hong Kong and would like to know more about her session, let me know and I can help to link you with her.

Jonathan Koh

Jonathan runs a spanish translation service and conducts language classes. More importantly, if you need any business contacts or connection in Latin America, he can help connect you with the correct people.

Leong Weiping

Weiping is a professional trader and trades options for a living. He’s one of Clemen Chiang’s (an famous options trading teacher in Singapore) top students having won Clemen’s trading competition before.

Vincent Tong

Vincent runs a student care service for people who are interested to send their children to Singapore for studies. They help you take care of all application procedures and make sure your children are well taken care of.

Samuel Ng

Samuel is an “almost” full-time affiliate marketer and has his own blog talking about internet marketing. Photogenic guy!

William Tan

William runs an electronic fax service company, which provides you with a fax number without the need for having a fax machine. He also teaches Internet Marketing courses at ITE schools in Singapore.

Jeffrey Tan

Jeffrey runs a business selling iPod and Macbook accessories. We have met at a couple of other seminars before and he is currently trying to get his online business off the ground. Actually, so is everyone else!

Shawn Wang

Shawn runs a company that provides internet marketing coaching to beginners. This is currently a very hot industry in Singapore and is certainly very competitive.

Others (without photos)

I also had the opportunity to meet up with Alvin (online business selling subliminal CDs), Jag (web launch strategy), Harry (evo communications) and Kiki.

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