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copywriting Martin Lee on 23 Feb 2007 01:52 pm

Gary Halbert – The Prince of Print

Gary Halbert, The Prince of Print, is one of the best, if not THE best copywriter in the world.

Gary writes a newsletter, The Gary Halbert Letter, which is read by countless worldwide. If you have not read his letters before, I recommend that you go to his site to check it out.

Today, I got the biggest surprise of my life when I found out (from a very excited friend, Tay) that I have been mentioned in the latest issue of his newsletter. This is the same feeling that you get when you realise you have won the lottery (Not that I have won the lottery before).

Gone into his swipe file permanently and probably into the files of thousands others too.

I have since “confessed” to Gary that I wasn’t the one who wrote that sales letter. If I was, I would have been extremely pleased.

Thank you Gary. I owe you.

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