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millionaire mind intensive &reviews &seminar Martin Lee on 29 Nov 2007 02:32 am

Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Intensive – Day 3

The last day of the Millionaire Mind Intensive started one hour earlier at 8 am. Despite the early start on a Sunday morning, most of the participants were there on time. The energy in the hall was simply amazing. We started with a recap of the learnings from the previous two days.

Then the topic of emotions and money was covered. We went through an emotional awareness exercise to find out what we felt in terms of anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt and sorrow towards money.Harv Eker

These are all negative emotions which will have a negative effect on our money. Through a process of sharing and reframing, some of these thoughts were dispelled.

In the afternoon, we had a surprise activity that nobody expected. Without giving anything away, I must say that many people enjoyed the activity even though we were afraid initially.

The day ended with the participants repeating the money association exercises that they had done on the previous day. Most of the participants could see a significant change to their money associations.

On this last day, Harv also promoted his Quantum Leap and Enlightened Warrior Camp program. The offers were very, very compelling and many people signed up.

Here’s a speaker that knows how to sell directly to the heart and not to the mind. He does his “sales pitch” with a finese that I seldom see from other speakers. You know he’s going to sell you something now, but you still listen to him spellbound and evidently end up buying.

Throughout the three days, there were also times when subtle commands were given to our subconcious mind to encourage us to continue our education by joining Harv’s other programs.

T. Harv Eker is not only a top-notch platform speaker and educator, but also a marketer who understands very well the concept of marketing funnel and backend products.

I fully enjoyed the entire Millionaire Mind Intensive.

10 Responses to “Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Intensive – Day 3”

  1. on 29 Nov 2007 at 3:31 am 1.Paul said …

    My mind has boggled at whatever teh activity was on the Saturday (?) afternoon – initially fearful but ultimately satisfying – wow!

    I am going to have to find out more about T Harv Eker.

  2. on 30 Nov 2007 at 11:52 am 2.Glen said …

    for me….my hand turned cold but i know it can be done..because 1) singapore will not let them import 5000 arrows just like and 2)..we hv at least 1/2 million lives before us at stake. If none was lost..why it should be now?

  3. on 30 Nov 2007 at 1:18 pm 3.Tony Papajohn said …

    I’ve been to several Peaks events including Life Directions, Train the Trainer, and Enlightened Warrior.

    They are all high energy events. And you are right about Harv being a very, very good marketing guy. His events are carefully scripted and orchestrated to deliver fun, excitement, info, and sell lots of courses.

    For this reason, it seem to me that many people go to his events to see how he does it. And, of course, to get heads and hearts straight about money.

    So it’s good stuff. I got a lot out of his programs.

    I’m curious, Martin, what did you get out of it that has made the most difference for you?

    I understood that I could do programs with 1/4 of the material I needed and end up with 4 programs instead of one!


  4. on 01 Dec 2007 at 10:02 pm 4.Martin Lee said …

    Hi Paul,

    Glen has left you a big clue. It has something to do with the 5000 arrows. lol

    Hi Glen,

    I think the arrows would probably have been locally produced. 🙂

    Hi Tony,

    To be honest, most of the money management and association stuff was not new to me. Managing my money has always been my part-time business!

    I also don’t know how much of the conditioning exercises actually affected my sub-conscious mind…

    However, I did manage to dig out 1 or 2 cobwebs from my past, which I will be taking action to resolve…

    Would you like to share what you got out of Harv’s other programs?

    I’m pretty much immune (and closed) to any sales from the platform nowadays. Instead I like to disect how different people do their sales pitch from a marketing perspective and also see how the masses react.

    Yet I was still very tempted to sign up for the Quantum Leap program (in particular the Warrior training). That shows what a good “marketer” Harv Eker is.

  5. on 04 Dec 2007 at 11:47 am 5.Tony Papajohn said …

    Hi Martin!

    Yes. Harv is very, very good from the platform. I suppose the fact that he tempted you is proof!

    I attended Life Directions, Train the Trainer, and Enlightened Warrior Camp.

    Here are the main things I got (in no particular order):

    A sense of all the logistics necessary to run programs like these.

    The importance of having your sales presentation and your program planned and scripted.

    A model of how you to make these kinds of programs entertaining and memorable and why the “entertaining” part is so important, especially for a mass audience.

    The overriding importance of managing the mental and emotional state in the room as opposed to the actual information presented.

    Why controlling the atmosphere in the room makes the whole program go and some idea of how to do that.

    I must confess that my least favorite was the Warrior Camp, even though some people rave about it to no end and would virtually accuse me of blasphemy for this comment. While I see it’s value, too much of it was way too heavy-handed for my taste and seemed overly-dramatic for points that could have been made with much less effort.

    However, that’s just my point of view. Many others would disagree. Well, so be it.

  6. on 05 Dec 2007 at 11:27 am 6.Martin Lee said …

    Hi Tony,

    I note with interest that most of the things you pointed out here relate to the running of the event themselves.

    What about the benefits to yourself? In what ways (or insights) have the programs impacted you on a personal level?

  7. on 15 Dec 2007 at 12:41 pm 7.Tony Papajohn said …

    Hi Martin!

    Yes. You are right. I got more benefits on the “how-to” side.

    Otherwise, the idea of the 4 money personalities stands out in my mind as the major insight.

    I am a “money monk.” In fact, our group bowed and intoned “Ommmmm…” when were introduced!

    So this helps me understand myself and others.

  8. on 22 Mar 2009 at 9:45 am 8.Bart said …

    What happened with the $100 and the blank cheque??

  9. on 10 Apr 2009 at 11:02 am 9.Mary said …

    Yes…please! what happened with the $100 and the blank check! $100, I dont really care but I don’t know if I want to bring a blank check!

  10. on 10 Apr 2009 at 11:18 am 10.Martin Lee said …

    Hi Bart and Mary,

    If we reveal things here, it will spoil the fun for you. No spoilers. 🙂

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