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teleconference Martin Lee on 05 Feb 2009 01:43 am

Has the Recession Pummeled Your Business Profits?

Reproducing a recent email from Jay Abraham below:

Turbulent times spin almost everybody’s business
into a downward profit spiral…most probably it’s
YOUR business that’s suffering, mightily, too.

I know it seems that the recession is fueling
incredible problems for every business owner out
there — including, you. But I can probably help
you generate a massive turn-around strategy…very

Seriously, while today’s brutal economy has turned
down virtually every one of your competitor’s
businesses — it actually could turn YOUR
business-alone, into a pipeline-of-profits.

If that sounds improbable — even impossible, it’s
not. Let me explain AND demonstrate.

First, change your expectations. People don’t
realize it, but nearly half of my major business
success stories have been generated for people in
the last four recessionary cycles.

I probably have a greater documented, well storied
track record of orchestrating recessionary business
rescues, recoveries and profit expansion than just
about anyone else operating in the entrepreneurial

How in the world can I possibly help YOUR business
get going and growing again, when nothing you’ve
tried seems to really work at all?

Whenever an economy (or industry) suffers turmoil
and volatility, one thing always happens.

People look for one authoritative, confident and
clear-headed source they can turn-to…and trust!
That true source becomes the one enterprise
everyone does all the business with.

That source flourishes, while all the other
competitors struggle.

SO — if YOU can figure out how to motivate your
current buyers to buy more and buy more often,
business quickly improves.

BUT — if you can also devise a reliable way to
stimulate past/inactive buyers to start buying
regularly again — business multiplies — even

HOWEVER — if you can also engineer a method for
getting most of the new buyers coming into the
market to do ALL their business with you — your
business increases — even more!

FINALLY — if you can telegraph a better buying
proposition to your competitor’s top buyers (and
get them switching their allegiance over to you) —
– guess what?

Your business thrives in a recession when everyone
else’s barely survives.

Can it REALLY be that simple, easy and doable?

No, of course not. If it were merely a magic
“silver bullet”-solution, everyone in your industry
would be generating fat profits, hand over fist.

NO — first of all, it’s NOT that easy.

Second, few people out there possess the skill,
ability and recession-forged, success rescuing
experience to show you how to “extricate” yourself
and your business from all the complex issues
you’re struggling with, right now.

I honestly believe I can help. I genuinely believe
I have the best, first-hand, depth (and wealth) of
recessionary experience to help turn your business
around, quickly.

I think I can devise a rapid Rescue and Recovery
Strategy, PLUS a potent Profit-Advancement and
Enhancement plan that can generate a massive
financial improvement in your business performance.

But, I don’t believe there’s just one-size,
universal solution that can (or will) solve every
business problem out there. It doesn’t exist.

You need to look at each businesses’ unique set of
circumstances. You need to gauge the specific
psychology of your market. You need to figure out,
(precisely), what fundamental shifts and approaches
still resonates best.

You MUST examine many different business models —
and seriously consider revising your current
business strategy approaches.

Trying to figure out how to makeover your own
marketing, restructure your current strategy and
reposition your core marketing proposition is
almost impossible — if you try and do it all

I’m willing and (I believe), able to expertly
guide, direct and rapidly assist YOUR business in
engineering a monumental Recessionary Turn-Around.
Normally, and historically when I offer to do this
for someone, I get paid $40,000 a day.

I know your business has suffered enormous setbacks
and challenges, lately. SO, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t
possibly ask you to pay that kind of hefty price
structure to get the business recovery plan you

So, I’ve decided to so something totally-
unprecedented. It’s completely (and stunningly)
different than any other previous business
assistance series I have ever offered.

I’m organizing a tiny group of just 50 business

They will participate, together, in a 13-week
emergency Business Rescue, Recovery, Reinvention
process I’m personally conducting by group
teleconference call — along with the head of our
consulting division.

We will individually work with each business owner
to develop and help formulate the custom-designed
makeover strategy and implementation plan that best
serves THEIR specific and unique set of complex
business circumstances.

Whether you are running out of cash, whether your
emails don’t work anymore, whether your store sales
have plummeted, whether your product or services
has been reduced to a commodity — We’ll take on
ALL the brutal (and challenging) revenue issues
you’re business is facing.

One by one, we’ll offer-up recommended ways to
shift the strategy, approaches, impact and
performance of everything meaningful that your
business does.

Is this the same as an intensive 8 hour long,
$40,000, full-day private consultation with me?
No, it is not.

HOWEVER, with a maximum of only 50 businesses in
the entire group and each session lasting two hours
— You can reasonably expect me (and our head of
consulting) to talk individually with you about
your business at least four separate times.

At $40,000, it would be a great value.

But all I want participants to pay in this highly
interactive group coaching program is a mere

Moreover, I’m fine, too, if you’d prefer paying
over the next 12 months — even though I’ll be
delivering your payoff in just 13 quick weeks.

Nevertheless, I’m ok if you’d rather have us bill
your credit card 12 monthly installments of $500 a

But there’s a rub and it’s important. No…it’s

You MUST – absolutely, positively be a real
operating business in order to be one of the 50
participants we accept.

Your business can be suffering – and probably is.
But you have to be a real life, honest-to-goodness
business owner, entrepreneur or professional in
order to participate in this group.

Also, if the $5,000 or 12 monthly payments of $500
poses a financial hardship, I don’t want you to
participate, either.

There is no risk-reversal being offered for this
valuable experience. Either you know I can deliver
the kind of results and solutions you need, or you

Either you can handle the cost or you can’t.

One more point. It too, is critical.

No one can enroll until and unless you participate
on a no-cost, but purely “fact finding” Discovery
Call I’m doing with our Head of Consulting. It’ll
last just 90-minutes.

We’ll get to know as many prospective participants,
as possible.

We’ll explain the workings of the program. The
specific intensive process we’ll be using. The
kinds and caliber of issues, challenges, problems
and focus we’ll be offering answers, solutions and
strategies for.

We’ll teach you the good, the bad and any
weaknesses the program may have – so you can judge
us honestly, completely and intelligently.

But — we want to be able to judge YOU, too,
before we accept you into this very special group.
So, I’m imposing a few unique stipulations on
registering for this no-charge, Discovery Call.

First, only “real” business owners — with real
operating businesses — will be allowed in. Odds
are high that we’ll call on you and ask some
penetrating questions on that Discovery Call.

If you aren’t what I’m asking for, please don’t
show up — because you could be highly embarrassed
if I pulled you off the call the moment we find you
faked your suitability.

Secondly, don’t sign up for one of the three
different times we’re doing this call — and not
show up, ready and committed to participate for the
entire 90-minutes.

If you sign up, but don’t show up — or come on
late or leave early, I’ll know it. Because
operators will be constantly monitoring every line.

If you can’t be trusted to honor your word for this
simple, 90-minute commitment — you probably won’t
participate in all, or many of the real Rescue and
Recovery two hour sessions.

And, you’d be taking from me, from the rest of the
group — and from yourself and business –

So don’t sign up — unless you’re “unhedgingly”
committed to showing up — and participating for
the entire session.

Anyone who lets us down on this request will have
your email permanently removed from our list,
forever and you’re name is banished and permanently
dis-allowed into any of our future activities or
events I ever do or offer.

I’m really serious about it.

This program is designed for people who make things
happen, take real business building and personal
commitment seriously — and do what they say they
will — when they say it.

If you’re not certain you are trustworthy enough to
do that, please don’t even register. If I’m
offending you — do yourself a favor and save us
the trouble — please unsubscribe from my email

If you’re real, highly motivated, have integrity,
follow through — and are qualified — I invite
(and encourage) you to quickly register for one of
the three different, 90-minute Discovery Calls
we’re having.

I’ll lay everything out there for you.

See you on the call.


Register at this link

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