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joint ventures &seminar &teleconference Martin Lee on 15 Oct 2008 04:03 am

How to Prosper From All The Financial Collapses

Reproducing an email from Jay Abraham below:

Whether you own a business, work for a business,
are unemployed, retired or a student — you can
honestly, successfully, immediately and massively
profit from ALL the financial and economic crisis
we’re dealing with today.

How? Many different and lucrative ways.

For your business, for instance. Say, advertising
stops working well — but it’s still doing
modestly. All your competitors stop advertising,
because they don’t want to pay to throw money down
the drain.

So even more of their business dries up as they
stop altogether, too, generating any new prospects
or buyers. Plus, the advertising media sees their
sales drop drastically.

But YOU learn how to turn adversity into a
prosperity strategy with advertising.

You use the Power Partnering lessons you learned
from me to go out and do all kinds of exclusive
deals with publications, online and offline media –
— whatever specific media reaches YOUR target

Only, instead of spending your own precious capital
up-front — you structure your deals where you
only pay them for results — meaning sales in your
bank account.

So now, you’re getting tens of thousands, hundreds
of thousands…even millions of dollars every month
in no-cost advertising for which you ONLY pay if
(and after) you profit.

A flood of additional sales, prospects, buyers flow
to you like a tidal wave of prosperity — while
all your linear-minded competitors are dying on the

Or…say you need equipment, inventory, or
staffing. But you have no capital or credit
available to pay for them…nor do any of your

They all stop, freeze and bypass-altogether, any
thought of doing anything that might dramatically
grow their business in crazy times. They just want
to cling by their fingernails to whatever business
they can still hold onto.

But YOU use Power Partnering to acquire all the
assets, access, human capital you need. In fact,
you quickly realize you have unlimited (literally
infinite) access to whatever you need — no
capital even required on your part.

It’s almost like having an unlimited checkbook to
grow with.

You go to equipment companies who have equipment
just sitting in their warehouse — and you work
out Power Partnering deals.

In doing this, you either pay them on a performance
basis that’s tied to increased sales or profit your
business generates — using their equipment.

Or, you do a deal where you pay them zero now, and
defer making any payment whatsoever UNTIL your
sales hit a mutually agreed upon target.

Or you give them a long-term profit interest in a
new profit center or income source you create, by
using their dormant equipment. There are dozens of
cash-less ways to do the deal…once you learn
Power Partnering.

If you need people — skilled, talented people you
don’t need to pay out fat salaries (that you can’t
afford). Instead, you convert them to independent

And only pay them in direct proportion to the
income or revenue or sales — or the result in
expense reduction or slashed overhead they produce.

I know a dozen ways to do those kinds of deals,
using my Power Partnering methods.

Want to buy a business — or many businesses, but
have no capital? You can use Power Partnering to
get control of all kinds of entrepreneurial
business — using zero capital on our part.

Zero downside or future risk, either…IF you
structure it right.

When all the banks stop making business loans, YOU
can easily and continuously get the equivalent of
whatever the proceeds of those loans would acquire
or pay for — ALWAYS paying for it out of the
results or profits or in soft dollars — instead
of hard.

We’re only talking about your own business right

But say you work for a business that needs any of
the scenarios we’ve identified above.

Guess what?

Using Power Partnering techniques, you can make
them all happen for your employer.

BUT rather than doing it as a nice, uncompensated
gesture of loyalty to get you “brownie points” —
you do it for an ongoing, hefty participation in
the income, profit or revenues that the things you
make happen produce for your employer.

Its gets better.

Since just about every business out there, large or
small, retail or wholesale, local or international,
is struggling and dazed AND confused — you can
swoop down and offer to arrange any of the 120 key
“Needs” they have — ranging from generating more
buyers to reducing costs to adding new profit
centers, to providing more space and employees all
on a no-cost, up-front basis to them.

You can even provide businesses with entire new
product lines and services they can offer to their
existing and future buyers to multiply the profits
they make off them — many times over.

And, again, with YOU sharing richly in all that
windfall income your Power Partnering deals
generate for them.

My point?

Using the Power Partnering techniques I have
developed, refined and perfected, you can help just
about any business you own, work for OR want to
work with (and profit from) — to thrive in a
crisis economy.

You can be their savior — or your own.

You can be their financier, their banker, their no
cost staffing source, their make-it-happen
“connection” to no cost advertising, their ticket
to immense prosperity in a time when the rest of
the business world is crumbling and retreating.

But you can’t thrive and prosper…your business or
employer can’t explode with profits. You can’t
capitalize on any business in distress out there
(which is just about every business).

And you definitely can’t create tremendous
prosperity for yourself — until and unless you
master the principles and philosophy of Power

Space doesn’t allow me to explain all the
unimaginably lucrative ways I’ve figured out for
you to apply Power Partnering to any business
situation out there (yours or anyone else’s).

But it offers you the one pathway to prosperity I
know WILL work for you in any situation you find
yourself in — right now (without you taking on
any risk).

We’re conducting the first ever, three day Super
Summit, strictly focused on teach people Power
Partnering. The program runs October 24th thru
October 26th in Los Angeles.

There’s never been anything offered — by anyone
else — in any field that comes close to the
profitable certainty and ease of use — that my
Power Partnering methods can deliver for your bank
account, bottom line and long-term net worth.

I try to encourage everyone I can to learn anything
I know about that can give them tremendous profit
performance and earnings advantage in difficult

I can honestly say I’ve never seen times more
trying, outright scary and “dastardly difficult”
than these times we’re facing, right now.

Many (probably most) business owners,
professionals, employers, homeowners, investors,
retirees and students, alike, will be agonizingly,
painfully and brutally affected. Their life will
be impaired, maybe even shattered.

But, YOU can escape, unscathed.

You can sail through all the shrapnel and
“collateral damage” that cripples, fells, or
totally destroys so many others — by mastering
this prosperity force: Power Partnering, I’m that
offering to openly teach you — right now.

I’m saying, simply, that by October 27th 2008, you
can be armed with the formidable, invincible,
almost Midas-like ability to capitalize on business
and economic adversity in ways and at levels of
achievement you can’t possibly fathom.

I’m saying, your life can be forever transformed
for the better very, very quickly.

You won’t have the fear, worry or negative impact
in your business, job, or investment performance,
even if the world goes to hell in a hand basket.

But none of this is possible IF you don’t
participate in this Power Partnering Super Summit,
the one time I’m doing the pilot program.

I’ve made participating irresistible.

You can pay me — predominately, in modest monthly
installments — AFTER you start harvesting the
benefits. You can try out the first segment — at
home — before you have to fully even commit any
binding way.

I’m even offering people on my list a steep, one-
time price reduction over what people outside are
paying. I can’t do any more to make this timely,
propitious, and invaluably attractive for you.

Everything is laid out on a recorded 90-minute
Overview Session we did for our best people last
week. If you want to hear it, run to
www.abraham.com/infosession immediately.

But don’t go there unless you have the time,
attention and interest to listen to it in its

The program is in 3 weeks. No matter who you are,
what you do, where you live — YOU should
seriously consider my proposal to attend.

We also have an exciting and interactive way you
can even participate at home IF your schedule won’t
allow you to join us in Los Angeles in person.

To hear the 90-minute overview, go right now to

I can’t be more emphatic and serious. You need
THIS important knowledge. I’m probably the only
man in the entrepreneurial world who has it and
wants to openly share it with you — without risk.

You really don’t have a better alternative, option
or game plan or play book available on how to
capitalize on this crisis.

I have the answers you seek and need. I know the
precise moves and maneuvers that will take you from
fear to fortune.

You need to grab-it, NOW! Check out the overview
and generous offer we made on that audio-
recording. It’s YOUR business future, YOUR career
future, and YOUR financial future.

I’m just trying to protect it and help assure your
survival — and that you thrive.

I’m just trying to protect and multiply your
business, employer and families the success and the
level of financial prosperity you enjoy for years
and decades to come.

Again, go to www.abraham.com/infosession.

Hope this moves you out of despair and into
prosperous “Action Mode.” Remember, the event is
in just three more weeks. But there’s a home study
option available, too.



3 Responses to “How to Prosper From All The Financial Collapses”

  1. on 13 Dec 2008 at 1:23 am 1.zig ziegfried said …

    yes … and indemifying the placement of traditional print media (i.e. newspaper / magazine) by incorporating common ‘risk reversal’ techniques + bringing in top copy talent to the equation where ads otherwise not placed get funded and risk is distributed equally among both parties.

    Zig Z.

  2. on 14 Dec 2008 at 11:00 am 2.Imam Wahyudi A.S. said …

    Hi, Jay.

    Well. Power partnering is good.
    But those actions are in the capital side, or
    in the business-owner side.

    But, what about the fall of market size, since
    that is the main prove that the world is in crisis ?

    Many businesses are getting bankrupt because of
    the fall of market.

    Well, even the market doesn’t fall to zero,
    but how can we succeed if the market we have,
    drop to minimum that we cannot get enough profit margin
    to share ?

    You said that all businesses stop advertising,
    (read: stop spending money) because they don’t
    want to pay to throw money down the drain.
    Well that is the condition of the market its self !;
    since we are not only business-owners, we are also
    the consumers of the other businesses.
    Definitely, we are the market of other businesses!

    So, my question is, how to grab the market ?

    Imam Wahyudi A.S.
    of Indonesia.
    [email protected]

  3. on 14 Dec 2008 at 12:34 pm 3.Martin Lee said …

    Hi Imam,

    Jay won’t see this blog post so he won’t be able to respond to your message.

    My views:

    True, if the profit margin is negative, then all the market share in the world won’t be able to help you. Nevertheless, a bigger market share will mean you have a greater economy of scale, which may save your margin.

    For industries that don’t have a sufficient market size, Many could fail. Some others might consolidate. When the economy recovers, the survivors will emerge stronger than ever since there are now less competitors.

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