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Uncategorized Martin Lee on 20 Jun 2005 12:13 pm

Jay Abraham – The Marketing Guru

Why build a Jay Abraham site? I first came across the name Jay Abraham about one and a half years ago. He was having this massive marketing campaign for his super summit with Stephen Pierce and Rich Schefren. His credentials impressed me greatly and the testimonials of those who attended the summit were very, very positive. I tried getting hold of materials of this guy but hundreds of dollars for a book and thousands for a few cassette tapes? The prices of his stuff on his website were beyond me for the moment.

Last month, Jay came to Singapore and I had the opportunity to attend a half day seminar done personally by him. His presentation skills are average but his business mind is what he’s paid for. One thing is for sure; this man is way beyond my league.

Having a web site on marketing had always been on the back of my mind. If I could share some of his marketing ideas, I’m sure many would be able to benefit. A quick look at his own web site also shows that it has much room for improvement. The “soon to be added” resources had been there for as long as I can remember. At least a year! The internet could do with one more of his sites. One that is better, of course.

Well, as luck would have it, I discovered that Jay was starting a new insider’s club program. He was also actively looking for partners to help him promote his new program. I applied to become one of his partners and was accepted. Jay did mention that he would be making valuable resources available for his partners to share. I didn’t waste any time and immediately set up this site. Took me a day to put up the bare skeleton. I’m making minor improvements to the site here and there but the meat will have to come in later as more of Jay’s resources become available.

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