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downloads Martin Lee on 28 Feb 2007 02:13 pm

Jay Abraham’s 502 Incredible Case Studies Index

One problem that we might encounter is translating Jay Abraham’s theories into practical actions.

Jay has a wonderful case study collection of how his clients (each written by them) obtain practical results using his strategies.

This collection is pure gold but one problem with it is that it is not organised in any manner. You get examples after examples lined up one after another.

My friend, Troy, has painstakenly gone through each and every example and compiled an index organised by strategies (If you had seen the case studies volumes before, you will realise that this is massive work).

This index is extremely useful. For example, if you want to find examples of “risk reversal”, you can just look at the index and immediately find case studies of how people had used that strategy.

And so on.

Now, Troy has very graciously allowed me to give away this valuable resource.

If you are on my list, you should have already received an email with the download instructions. In case you did not receive my email, you can get it from this link: Jay Abraham Incredible 502 Case Studies Index.

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    […] with the actual 502 case studies report, a 816 page volume. This will be the ideal companion to the 502 incredible case study index published by Troy recently. 9 pillars, 9 pillars of business growth, jay abraham, products, spike […]

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