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mark joyner &world internet summit Martin Lee on 31 May 2007 11:59 am

Mark Joyner – The Rules for Domination on the New Digital Business Battlefield

On the first day of WIS, Mark Joyner talked about rules to failure on the internet. In his second presentation, he talked about seven rules for success.

Without going into details, here are the rules:

1) The only protection for your ideas is speed.
2) Be buzzworthy.
3) The way to be buzzworthy for your business is through excellence.
4) There is but one thing to excel in and that is getting the customer what he wants.
5) The beginning of buzz doesn’t just happen – you make it happen.
6) Integration marketing is the world’s most powerful make-it-happen force.
7) Only people, products and companies that practice Unifying Social Dynamics will survive.

Anyone who listens to Mark Joyner will realise that he is not just a marketer. He is also a profound thinker.

One idea he shared was that with progress over time, mankind has been able to have more and more free time to themselves. Until recently.

Even though techonology advances have made things very convenient for us, they seem to occupy our time more. Mark belives that one day, we will be able to have total time freedom with technology doing all the work for us.

At the present moment, the Einstein or genuises among us are so caught up in their day to day survival (work) that they are not able to work on improvements to mankind.

If we can have more agents of freedom (people who are financially free and can do what they want with their time), mankind as a whole will able to advance more rapidly.

Mark ended his presentation by offering his mentorship program to us. Through his program, he hopes to create more agents of freedom. It seemed to be a very half-hearted attempt to “pitch” it to us. He didn’t even bother to mention about the 30-day money back guarantee.

It was also priced at a whopping $10000 (and not $9997).

I get the feeling he was just offering a package for the sake of it (agreement with WIS organisers).

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