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joint ventures Martin Lee on 04 Sep 2006 02:30 am

Setting Up Joint Ventures – Part 3

Many people have asked me, “So, how can I set up successful joint ventures?” Instead of reinventing the wheel, I would like to introduce you to what two of my JV partners, Marc Goldman and JP Maroney, have written.

They are experts in doing JV deals and have written a report on how to do joint ventures correctly.

You can download this 28 page guide for free here.

Briefly, this report covers:

Section 1 : Introduction
Section 2 : Starting from square one: An introduction to JV and JV brokering
Section 3 : How to indentify potential JV partners
Section 4 : Pitching the idea
Section 5 : Protect yourself
Section 6 : How to get paid
Section 7 : Make the JV a no-risk proposition for your partner
Section 8 : Show the JV partner what kind of value you’re giving them
Section 9 : Negotiating the deal
Section 10: What to do after the JV
Section 11: Getting your customers to set up JV deals with you
Section 12: Conclusion

Tip: Those short on time can start reading from page 13 (section 2) onwards.

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