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announcement Martin Lee on 29 Dec 2006 10:28 am

Taiwan Earthquake

A few days ago, there was an earthquake in Taiwan that destroyed major communication cables deployed under the sea. As a result, the internet access in my country was badly affected.

Hardly anyone was able to connect to websites that were overseas, and many businesses had their operations disrupted.

It will take a few weeks for services to be restored to normal.

For now, my internet is crawling along at a very slow speed, just like pre-broadband times.

As we move forward in the internet age, we seem to take for granted the availability of information at our fingertips. We forget that many factors beyond our control could and will alter the environment that we operate in.

Is your business prepared for such shocks or even changes in your operating environment?

If you are depending mainly on Google for your web traffic, what happens if Google suddenly change their rules one day?

If you are depending mainly on print advertising for your lead generation, what happens if your advertisements stop being effective one day?

If you are depending mainly on walk-in traffic to your restaurant, what happens if visitors suddenly stop coming one day?

Do you have multiple marketing channels in place so that a major change to any one of them will not have a significant impact on your overall bottomline?

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