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google &joint ventures &testing Martin Lee on 30 Nov 2005 12:33 pm

Testing and Tracking Your Online Results

In any marketing campaign, it is important to constantly track and test your results. By doing so, you can leverage on your marketing dollars and maximise your profits.

A couple of weeks ago, Google released a new tool called Google Analytics. This amazing (and free) tool allows you to track the performance of any website that you have by simply placing a few lines of code on your pages.

I have used a few paid ad tracking solutions before but Google Analytics is so comprehensive that it even beats a lot of those commercial solutions out there. If you own a website, you might want to check it out. Unfortunately, they are not accepting new signups at the moment due to the high demand.

What’s in it for Google to provide this service free? By collecting all these data, it is going to gain a huge advantage over all it’s competitors. Information is power and one can only guess what they are going to do with all these data.

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  1. on 10 Feb 2006 at 11:16 pm 1.WebtrafficJunkie said …

    This is an awesome article on Google Analytics. It’s good to hear it has such a great review. Thanks for the information!!

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