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abraham factor Martin Lee on 26 Mar 2006 03:17 am

The Abraham Factor – Part 5 (Free Marketing Grounding Materials)

I just did a quick check with Carl from The Abraham Group. Apparently, only a handful of the Abraham Factor gifting tree packages that he reserved for my readers had been redeemed.

FREE marketing reports and courses that may mean thousands of dollars of additional profits for your business and yet there are only a few takers?

Procrastination can be one of the greatest marketing sin!

To request for your free package now, you can use this form to submit your particulars directly. Alternatively, you can call Carl Turner at 1-888-818-8878 (USA) or 1-310-792-4600 (Direct) and ask for your “Abraham Factor gifting tree program with special Martin Lee gift”.

Please note that this gifting tree package is NOT the complete grounding materials that comes with the Abraham Factor home study course or ‘live’ seminar.

Upon registration, these are some of the things that you will be receiving over the next month or so:

1) A special DVD program of Abraham Factor case studies.

2) A two hour audio guided advance tour of the entire program and every critical element it covers; along with why each segment is strategically important.

3) An actual review of the amazing and original new workbook that Jay will be using.

4) A collection of first hand observations and experiences from a group of 460 people who tested out the process in Asia just four months ago.

5) A detailed explanation of the powerful new educational training systems in the upcoming Abraham Factor program (called Integrative Dynamics) and why it produces such accelerated and spectacular bottom line results.

6) A no-holds-barred, two and a half hour conference call with Jay called, “Sock It To Me.”

7) You’ll also be invited to submit your business to Jay — without charge — and have him show you exactly how his new program will specifically make your business a ton more money.

8) One gift will explore 20 things you need to master and do to make your business more effective of a competitor — a marketer and a business builder.

9) A short course primer on each segment you will learn at the live event — in essence, they’ll each be highly developed mini-seminars without cost.

10) One gift will talk only about why most people fail to reach the business goals, results and income they’re after.

11) A course in networking and masterminding for maximum financial gain.

12) A lesson in the art and science of questioning (because the quality of your questions determines the level and scope of your results).

13) An instructional course-workshop on online marketing and no cost advertising methods that still work great today.

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