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books Martin Lee on 16 May 2009 01:10 am

The Sticking Point Reading Room

In my previous post, I mentioned that Jay Abraham is coming out with an all new, blockbuster book – The Sticking Point Solution.

“The Sticking Point Solution” carefully addresses, explains and answers the questions of why most businesses stall or spiral downward in a recession like this one.

It will clearly and brilliantly guide you to much higher levels of sales, profits and complete success right away–not years from today.

Jay’s book will be available June 2nd in bookstores–online and offline, everywhere.

But right now, he wants your help to drive insane pre-demand at those bookstores.

So he’s told me that if you are willing to help him, he will do something enormously valuable for you, in return.

Here’s the deal:

If you’ll pre-order this important new book today, Jay will personally agree to spend two hours a week for six full weeks with you via online audio webcast during the biggest major author “Reading Room” session we’ve ever seen offered.

You can ask him questions about it. You can pose scenarios, based on your interpretation of a given chapter’s recommended strategy. You can discuss conforming or abstract issues –and it’s all yours for no charge.

Jay will also archive each Reading Room session so people who can’t make the live session can listen to them on streaming audio.

Go here to preorder the book and register for your place in the Reading Room:

Sticking Point Reading Room Registration

(If you have already ordered the book, you can use the same link above to register your place for the Reading Room.)

Also, Jay will share with you the Executive Summary of his previous best-selling book and his world famous Strategy of Preeminence. These would be available for download immediately.

All these are yours, in addition to no-cost access to his Six Week “The Sticking Point” Reading Room workshop sessions, when you pre-order Jay’s new book today.

Sticking Point Reading Room Registration

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