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video marketing Martin Lee on 15 Feb 2007 03:33 pm

Video Marketing

Because of Youtube, video sites that are driven by user-generated content really took off in 2006. This opens up an additional advertising medium that we can make use of.

Advertising on television will cost you at least tens of thousands of dollars. Now, you can have the same reach at a low cost by uploading your video to some of these video sites.

When the internet first started, companies that got in early found it easy to rank highly in the search engines. As time goes by, things became much tougher.

It will probably be the same story with video marketing. Currently, the majority of videos that are uploaded onto sites like Youtube belongs to amateurs. As more marketers start making use of this medium, things will naturally get tougher too.

I just finished reading a book that teaches using videos as a marketing tool. The book goes through the basics from introducing Youtube to going through the process of how you can create effective marketing videos.

It also has 5 real-life case studies to show you some successful examples which might help you generate ideas for your business. In one example, the company made some videos and got over one million views to their products. And the only marketing cost to them were the self-made videos.

I bought the resale rights to the book from the author and for the first 50 copies, I’m offering it at a special price to you.

So if you are currently not using video marketing, I recommend that you check out this book and see how you can use videos as an additional marketing source.

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