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teleconference Martin Lee on 13 Feb 2009 12:32 am

What Would Jay Do if He Were You?

Reproducing a recent email from Jay Abraham below:

When business and financial tension is high, when
income and profit generation becomes a struggle,
when business and careers are recording record
losses, when you start thinking you’re losing the
business or career battle…you need a breath of
fresh air.

You need to know what Jay would do — if he were


Because, quite immodestly I probably understand a
broader array of business, moneymaking problems,
recovery techniques, career “crisis-saving” actions
and outright financial transformation approaches
than anyone else you could turn to.

Seriously.  See for yourself.  Here’s my “resume.”
I’ve successfully helped over 1,000 struggling
businesses orchestrate stunning marketing
turnarounds in the heat of the last three

I’ve successfully taken $20,000 struggling startups
to $13 million dollar “monster moneymakers.”

I’ve successfully strategically-restructured
probably 500 stalled (part or full-time) start-ups.

I’ve successfully revived something like 800
professional practices.

I’ve successfully guided well over 900 deserving
men and women to impressive recessionary career

I’ve successfully helped provide something like a
billion dollars worth of no-cash, capital
equivalent for entrepreneurs of all kinds…who
needed capital, but couldn’t get it anywhere else.

I understand how to make any (and just about EVERY)
marketing activity you’re doing now perform 30-
1000% better almost overnight.  (A brash statement,
perhaps.  But true, and well documented,

I know how to get more prospects buying.

I know how to get people who ARE buying — spending

I know how to get people who buy infrequently,
buying all the time.

I know how to put just about anyone into up to 50
separate passive income situations — requiring
zero capital.

I know how to give anyone applying for a job (in
this brutal marketplace) a huge employment

I know how to take people who are out of work and
put them into high paying sub-contract and
independent contractor businesses of all kinds —
that generate serious income streams in a recession
— all with no investment on your part.

I know how to get creditors to work out most
financial problems with you.

I know how and where you can monetize — (or
almost manifest) windfall income and profits in a
matter of weeks.

I’m telling you all this, because…

I’ve gotten letters, e-mails and calls from people
on my e-mail list, all over the world —- business
owners, professionals, start-ups, retirees,
unemployed and under-employed, alike.

All were heartfelt.  All asked for help, ideas,
guidance, direction, answers, “blessed relief” from
the financial, career, employment issues that this
brutal economy caused.  They are reeling from these
tough times.

Unfortunately and sadly, I can’t merely spend all
day long doling out “no-cost” advice and counsel.
I have a business, too.

We sell my expertise and experience — usually for
really big bucks, either through our high-priced
programs OR my even higher-priced, private

BUT, I know you’re hurting “big time” and the
prospect of spending $5,000-$25,000 to participate
in a program with me — OR $40,000 a day to meet
privately — would probably break you.

So, I came up with (what I hope you’ll agree) is a
very desirable and appealing alternative.

I call it “What Would Jay Do — If He Were You?”

Simply put, I’ve taken 17 different categories of
life, business and income “Recession-Caused Crises”
that people like you have posed to me over these
last few months.  One-by-one, I’m going to tell
everyone out there precisely what I would do.

No guarantees that it’ll provide an instantaneous,
overnight cure for your problems, challenges and
dilemmas.  BUT I do have a not-inconsequential
number of “almost unreal,” marketing, profit and
income – turnaround successes to my name.

And I probably have a greater real-life
understanding of how to Quick-Fix your “Recession-
Caused” problem than almost anyone else out there.

So, odds are high that my answers, advice,
solutions, strategies and directions will be more
meaningful, practical and effective — than not.

So here’s the deal, in a nutshell:

I’m doing a series that’s four consecutive days of
two-hour a day sessions.

It’ll cover a total of 17 major categories of
crisis scenarios (I think) represent the most
frequently-experienced issues YOU and the other
people on my list are suffering from right now.
They are:

* Your business is stuck in any of 17
different ways *
Your business is dying * Your
start up never got off the ground *
employer is downsizing & you might be next * You
want to start a new business of your own-full
or part-time

* You’ve been fired and you don’t know what to do
about it *
You’ve got a dead end job * You want
to buy a good business, but don’t have any capital
Your need to create massive passive income

* You need to create some recurring income through
your own cash machine *
Your retired, but need
more cash flow * You want to change careers, but
don’t have any high paying other skills to offer
new employers

* You want to find better ways to sell your
products, services, more ways sell them, more
ways to profit from your existing/past buyers

* You still have prospects, but they aren’t buying

* You’re paralyzed by fear, uncertainty and
lack of confidence *
You need to make a troubled
business profitable fast

* You need to buy advertising or pay for
sales people or fund marketing activities,
but don’t have the money to do it *

I’ll take the issue deep.  I’ll examine it from
every conceivable angle I can possibly imagine.
I’ll look at every variation I’ve ever experienced
of the problem.

I’ll walk you through the specific response to each
situation I’d personally mount — if I were you.

Then I’ll carefully explain the sequence of steps
you’d want to take IF you decide to pursue my
suggested solution, strategy and recommendations.

Think of these as “Prosperity Prescriptions” that
could help cure what ails your business, bank
account, career, financial outlook – very quickly.

Again, there are no guarantees in life.  But I WILL
guarantee that I’ll give you the very best-
reasoned, best-experienced, highest “success-
probability” recommendations and ideas that I have.

Nothing I share will be theoretical.  Everything
will be designed to quickly help get you out of
your specific bad situation — and into one that’s
much, much better.

How much?

I had trouble figuring the price out for this.
Again, the benefit and value – IF it gives you the
answer you need and fixes your problems – is

If you do nothing with it — or if it’s too
overwhelming, intimidating or unimaginable for you
to act on — I guess it’s worthless.

So what DO I charge?  Here’s what I decided to do.

I have 200,000 people on my e-mail list reading
this right now.  We estimate nearly 15% are
struggling with one (or more) of the Crisis
Categories I’ll be covering and helping to solve on
those four calls.

I figure 10,000 of you are committed enough to
action — to commit yourself to learn this never-
before-shared collection of business, life, career
and financial, “Quick Fixes.”

That gives me the opportunity of letting you ALL
benefit from the “economies of scale.”

So here’s my proposition:

Register for the four call series.  Give me your
credit card info.  So I know you are credit worthy.
We WILL NOT bill it a penny — until 24 hours
after the last call ends.

Either I deliver the “Blessed Relief” and provide
the elusive pathway to greater financial prosperity
(or at least the economic sustainability) you’re
after — OR, I don’t.
Remember, I’m covering ten different categories of
business, career, financial, income, start-up,
employment and unemployment challenges that people
on my list face — and are up against right now.

If it delivers the goods, so-to-speak, and you get
the clarity and certainty and action steps AND game
plan direction that you’re after — pay me just
$295.  I’ll bill it to your credit card on the
sixth day.

If I don’t deliver what you need — call before
day six and we’ll remove you from the program and
charge you nothing.

Obviously, I’m taking a huge risk on YOU being a
fair, equitable person who’ll deal in “good faith.”
I’m trusting you to fairly judge what I share on
all four sessions.

But as long as I have your word that you will —
I’m fine speculating-totally on you.

You desperately need someone to invest in YOU for a
change.  I’m willing.  Also, if you can’t make one
of the live sessions, all four will be available on
a re-listen link — within hours after each

If you’re losing the battle and your personal or
business finances and outlook are taking a dive —
let ME try and help.  This is “crunch time” for
you.  You need someone to give you recommendations,
hope, answers, direction.

I don’t want you to torture yourself or family
because of the recession’s merciless effects.

Go register at www.abraham.com/wwjd, right now.
There’s no downside to you.  Only up, up, upside if
my ideas and advice pay off.

I think I represent the one voice of experience,
understanding and reason you CAN trust.  If you
agree, go now to www.abraham.com/wwjd and register.
No money will change hands UNLESS I deliver what
you need most…right now!


P.S. Your business, start-up, career job future
and/or finances need not remain “on-the-skids.”  If
you can’t take many (or any) more “hits” to your
cash-flow and confidence – be on my four call

If the risks look great and you don’t have a clue –
– why not get on this teleconference session and
find out what I’d do.

10 Responses to “What Would Jay Do if He Were You?”

  1. on 23 Feb 2009 at 4:28 pm 1.Dan said …

    The most ideal solution is to find a place or country to relocate if possible where you can ride-out,so to speak the economic crunch if you can afford it. Otherwise, very sellable resume’.

  2. on 23 Feb 2009 at 4:47 pm 2.Mike said …

    Instead of relocating you can just relocate your workers, try and find experts abroad.
    These days many companies use the internet as a reliable source of good workers who can deliver the same results – expenses

  3. on 23 Feb 2009 at 4:58 pm 3.Dan said …

    This is the most practical solution. Use the global force available. Technlogy can me a useful tool in todays challenging economic times. The internet.

  4. on 23 Feb 2009 at 5:10 pm 4.Dan said …

    Solutions to the economic crisis can & will be solved. It will take time, effort & commitment. Let us not under estimate the ability of man, the human factor is what we are forgeting here.

  5. on 23 Feb 2009 at 5:20 pm 5.Dan said …

    For every economic crisis. There is always somone that will benefit from it because economics will always balance itself out.

  6. on 05 Mar 2009 at 2:31 pm 6.Jack said …

    With our present economic status, there are people who can take advantage out of it to make good profit. But for most of us who keeps on struggling, we just have to keep our belt tightened and wait to let all these pass.

  7. on 18 Mar 2009 at 6:12 am 7.Nancy said …

    yes relocating the workers sound like a good idea

  8. on 30 Mar 2009 at 3:38 pm 8.Matt said …

    its always a good idea to reallocate your workers

  9. on 26 May 2009 at 10:22 pm 9.paul reichel said …

    this smacks of the grass is greener (on the other side). i live in france – i used to live in germany. i’m a brit. my experience is that it takes 5 years to get re- established. it may be fun but it won’t make you successful. despatching your valued workforce to some supposed banana republic – they will hate u for it and will jump ship.you can’t ‘ride it out’ here in Europe – or Africa – or on the moon. there’s no place to hid. perhaps your just being ‘found out’
    if you can’t be successful in a market u know, how the hell are you gonna make it in one u don’t where the locals won’t actually welcome u with open arms. coloured beads don’t win anybody over anymore. stick to your knitting – evolve – no revolution

  10. on 01 Jun 2009 at 11:33 am 10.Dennis said …

    Jay Abraham can get anyone eating from a can of spagetti to eating six cource meals at the best restaurant in town or state!

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