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barter &teleconference Martin Lee on 12 Dec 2008

Power Bartering

Jay Abraham has just released a report on an income generating strategy that works even in a recession – bartering. This Power Bartering Special Situation report offers a glimpse at the opportunities available to anyone who makes effective use of batering.

  • How to cut many of your bills into half
  • Create more purchasing power
  • Buy without money – never borrow again
  • Finance rapid growth
  • Turn excess inventory into cash
  • And more…

For those interested to know more, there’s also a series of training sessions next week on this topic. They will be hosted by Jay Abraham and his two bartering mentors, David Wagenvoord and Spike Humer.

The sessions will by held on the 15th, 17th and 19th of December. More details on registration can be found inside the report.

barter Martin Lee on 30 Jan 2007

Using a Barter Exchange

In my previous post, I talked about how you could literally create cash using barter trade. If you have a perishable product or service, then it is even more effective.If a hotel has rooms that are empty for a day, these “assets” are gone when tomorrow comes.

If you are providing a service and have some slack time today, that time is also gone when tomorrow comes.

Why not barter trade these for something tangible?

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barter Martin Lee on 24 Jan 2007

Creating Cash Using Barter

If you have a product or service that is easily reproducible, not in short supply and has a decent margin, then the use of barter can be extremely profitable.

Suppose you want to buy some service which would have cost you $1000. Instead of paying $1000 in cash, you barter $1000 worth of your products (with a cost price of $500) in exchange for the service. So in actual fact, you are only paying $500 for the service.

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