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advertising &news Martin Lee on 28 Dec 2007

Jay Abraham Club on Facebook

Ever since Facebook opened their network to allow everyone worldwide to join some time ago, I have been receiving invitations from friends to join. At first, I wasn’t really interested in joining Facebook. After all, I was not going to “waste” time playing around with the network.

However, when I came across an article that mentioned Facebook, I suddenly became interested.

So, what exactly did I read in that article?

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advertising &seminar Martin Lee on 09 Sep 2007

More Insights From the Strategic Business Building Weekend

Because of the non-linear format of a Jay Abraham seminar, it is difficult for me to provide an A-Z outline of the syllables and the things I learnt. The workbook given to the participants had a whole chunk of material, and not all were covered during the event. There were also additional materials given to the participants during the event itself.

Here are some additional insights to addon to the previous points I wrote.

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advertising Martin Lee on 17 Aug 2007

Buying Radio Advertising for Pennies on the Dollar

Recently, I came across eBay Media Marketplace – Radio, a site that allows you to buy local or national radio advertisement slots at a great discount. How it works is that you select the region, demographics and type of radio show you want to advertise on, put up a bid and the radio shows will compete for your project by bidding down the price!

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advertising &google Martin Lee on 30 Apr 2007

Free Google Ads – Is it Possible?

Advertising on Google Adwords (if done correctly) is a very good avenue of advertising as it allows you to reach a very targeted audience.

Imagine this – you can literally reach out to people who are searching exactly for what you have to offer. How more qualifed can that get?

Of course, you have to make sure that your website has a way to convert all these prospects to buyers/clients, otherwise you will be wasting your money advertising.

A few days ago, I came across an ebook with an incredible claim. The author mentions that he has used a secret (and legal) method to get millions of dollars of free google advertising over the past years.

So, I bought the ebook to see what the secret was. Here’s a summary of the secret:

Pay to get a top position listing on Google Adwords, drive traffic to your landing page, and offer many advertising slots on that landing page to offset your advertising costs!

Needless to say, I asked for a refund.

Nevermind about free Google advertisements. The thing for you to keep in mind is that if your cost per lead or cost per customer acquired through Google is less than the lifetime value of your customer, you should be throwing as much money at Google as they can take!