Joe McVoy of Wal-Mart Secrets will be holding a free webinar (can be accessed through the intenet or from your phone) to talk about the following topic:

How to Develop & Sell Your Products to Wal-Mart & Other Retailers

Some of the things that he will be covering in this webinar include:

* How to test new products to make sure they will sell before spending any money on design, tooling, prototypes or patents.

* How Joe sold $45 Million of his products to Wal-Mart, Target and other retailers with good profit margins.

* The 3 myths about doing business with Wal-Mart that keep most people from even trying to sell to them.

* 68 other distribution channels for consumer products in the USA and how Joe sold one product into 28 of them.

* 5 ways to get into a mass retail account and 3 that will cost you less than $300.

* How to tell if you are ready for Wal-Mart and what to do if you aren’t.

* How to sell your products on-line and how to use the Internet to test new products or even ideas for free in 48 hours or less.

Details of the webinar are as follows:

Date: May 31, 2007 (Thursday)

In the USA (7:00 AM PST, 8:00 AM MST, 9:00 AM CST, and 10:00 AM EST)
In China 10:00 PM
In India 7:30 PM

Here’s the registration link.

When you register, you will also be given an opportunity to submit your questions to Joe which he will answer on the webinar.

If there is insufficient time to answer all the questions, the rest of the questions will be answered offline and you will be given a pdf with the answers.