I really enjoy Mark Joyner’s presentation on the first day of the WIS. It was done in the same style as his Simplelogy videos. Flashing graphics on the screen with him narrating the script.

Because it was done in this manner, he can’t really build a rapport with the audience by asking us questions and getting us to reply. The content was excellent though.

One key thing that he covered was how some internet entreprenuers were trying to build businesses the wrong way on the internet. Look at the Alexa graph below showing the traffic to two different sites:

Most sites promoting internet marketing products are similar to the graph with the brown line. The graph is John Reese’s Traffic Secrets website. Traffic comes in spikes (due to joint venture promotions and product launches) and they die down after some time. Visitors to the site are unlikely to revisit the site more than once or twice.

It is always product launch after product launch. With a new product launch, the old products will be thrown in as a bonus (or sold off cheaply). Trending water to stay afloat.

The majority of internet marketing information products being sold do not add much value. They are either rehash of previous materials or over-priced products containing just a few new ideas. I look upon it as a very bad case of marketing incest.

The business can’t be built up as an asset to be sold off. I am very much guilty of this as well.

The type of business you want to build should be one you can ultimately sell off or passed on as a legacy.

Now look at the traffic graph of myspace (blue line). The traffic grows exponentially and there is a certain stickiness about the site that causes visitors to come back and refer people. This is the type of site that you want to build.

John Reese has realised it too and his latest project income.com fits into the second category.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing.

Content is king.

Provide value to your clients and you will natually be very well rewarded financially.