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abraham factor &video Martin Lee on 20 May 2006

The Abraham Factor (Part 8) – Gifting Tree Program

If you had signed up for the Abraham Factor Gifting Tree program previously, you would have received (or were supposed to anyway) a series of emails with the ‘gifts’ and also a DVD sample by mail.
I had received feedback from some of you that you didn’t get the gifts from Abraham Group. Not to worry, here are the links where you can download them directly:

Abraham Factor Gifting Tree

Abraham Factor Syllables and Sample DVD

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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abraham factor &teleconference Martin Lee on 05 Apr 2006

The Abraham Factor – Part 7 (Ten Thousand Dollar Business Building Conference Call)

Some of you did not provide me with all the required information when signing up for the Abraham Factor gifting program. Remember, I need your full name, mailing address, phone number and email address.

To make it easier for you, here’s the link where you can sign up directly.

At the same page, you will also be able to sign up for a free 2-hour business building teleconference call with Jay Abraham.

If your business has been stressful, erratic or challenging lately—come on this teleclass call and discover marketing methods that have created business fortunes.

Expand the marketing approaches that you use and make your business the recognized innovator in your industry or market.

The Dates For You To Participate in the Conference Call with Jay Abraham are:

1. Thursday April 6 at 4:00 pm Pacific (7:00pm Eastern)
2. Friday April 7 at 12 noon Pacific (3:00pm Eastern)
3. Tuesday April 11 at 8:00 am Pacific (11:00am Eastern)

To sign up, here’s the link.

abraham factor Martin Lee on 26 Mar 2006

The Abraham Factor – Part 6 (An Important Clarification)

I have received a few enquires about the free grounding package that I mentioned in the previous update.

While I know that this package will be extremely useful for your business, please note that the gifting tree package is NOT the same as the comprehensive grounding materials that comes with the complete Abraham Factor home study course or ‘live’ seminar.

Getting free reports, audios and dvds might be one thing, but getting (hundreds of free copies of) a complete and comprehensive marketing course from Jay is not something that I can deliver at the existing moment!

I just thought of making this important clarification to prevent any misunderstandings. Sorry if I had sent the wrong message across earlier.

abraham factor Martin Lee on 26 Mar 2006

The Abraham Factor – Part 5 (Free Marketing Grounding Materials)

I just did a quick check with Carl from The Abraham Group. Apparently, only a handful of the Abraham Factor gifting tree packages that he reserved for my readers had been redeemed.

FREE marketing reports and courses that may mean thousands of dollars of additional profits for your business and yet there are only a few takers?

Procrastination can be one of the greatest marketing sin!

To request for your free package now, you can use this form to submit your particulars directly. Alternatively, you can call Carl Turner at 1-888-818-8878 (USA) or 1-310-792-4600 (Direct) and ask for your “Abraham Factor gifting tree program with special Martin Lee gift”.

Please note that this gifting tree package is NOT the complete grounding materials that comes with the Abraham Factor home study course or ‘live’ seminar.

Upon registration, these are some of the things that you will be receiving over the next month or so:

1) A special DVD program of Abraham Factor case studies.

2) A two hour audio guided advance tour of the entire program and every critical element it covers; along with why each segment is strategically important.

3) An actual review of the amazing and original new workbook that Jay will be using.

4) A collection of first hand observations and experiences from a group of 460 people who tested out the process in Asia just four months ago.

5) A detailed explanation of the powerful new educational training systems in the upcoming Abraham Factor program (called Integrative Dynamics) and why it produces such accelerated and spectacular bottom line results.

6) A no-holds-barred, two and a half hour conference call with Jay called, “Sock It To Me.”

7) You’ll also be invited to submit your business to Jay — without charge — and have him show you exactly how his new program will specifically make your business a ton more money.

8) One gift will explore 20 things you need to master and do to make your business more effective of a competitor — a marketer and a business builder.

9) A short course primer on each segment you will learn at the live event — in essence, they’ll each be highly developed mini-seminars without cost.

10) One gift will talk only about why most people fail to reach the business goals, results and income they’re after.

11) A course in networking and masterminding for maximum financial gain.

12) A lesson in the art and science of questioning (because the quality of your questions determines the level and scope of your results).

13) An instructional course-workshop on online marketing and no cost advertising methods that still work great today.

abraham factor Martin Lee on 18 Mar 2006

The Abraham Factor – Part 4 (Your Gift)

If you weren’t able to make it for the teleconference conducted a few days ago, I have some good news for you.

You can still get your collection of profit making content and knowledge in the form of documents, materials and multi-media products from Jay over the next 40 days.

Simply call Carl Turner (from The Abraham Group) at 1-888-818-8878 (USA) or 1-310-792-4600 (Direct) to request for your “Abraham Factor special Martin Lee gift“.

Alternatively, you can contact me with your full name, phone number and mailing address and I will help forward your information to Carl.

Regarding the Abraham Factor:SuperSessions which will be held at Los Angeles (Anaheim) in May, I will most likely not be attending as it is a bit too far from my country.

However, I had gone ahead to reserve a copy of the home study version as the first 100 to sign up for the ‘live’ program or home study course will get DVDs of the live program itself. The first 200 will also be getting a massive manual on joint venture strategies.

These extra bonuses will probably run out fast as major JV partners of Jay will be informed (and sending out info) of the Abraham Factor this coming Monday. From what I have found out, there’s already less than half of the dvd videos left.

abraham factor &teleconference Martin Lee on 11 Mar 2006

The Abraham Factor – Part 3 (Free Teleconference Call)

After pestering the Abraham Group for weeks, I’ve finally managed to obtain more information about the Abraham Factor. Details will be revealed in a free teleconference with Jay Abraham specially arranged for my readers. Who says that persistance doesn’t pay off? 🙂

Appended below(as provided to me by The Abraham Group) are the details of this teleconference and how you can get your fifteen business building presents. It also explains why he has agreed to conduct this session for free.

Be sure to request for your “special Martin Lee gift” when you call Carl to register for this call.

Ref: World famous business expert is offering to share his empire-building business methods with you — Gratis.

Marketing genius, Jay Abraham, has been known to do some very daring experiments in the business arena. But his latest �gambit,� is definitely his boldest and most audacious.

Simply put, Jay has decided to openly share with as many business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and start-ups who want it — some of his best performing�marketing, revenue, client building/empire-building, revenue multiplying business lessons.

He�s doing it gratis as long as you are a growth-oriented, possibility-based small to medium-sized business owner who is willing to take action on ideas that can produce wealth, power and mega success.

Jay is confident you�ll learn more inventive ways to make all your marketing and business building efforts pay off � in just two stimulating hours over the phone.

Restated, Jay is offering to multiply your business income, totally at his expense on this special two-hour teleconference call.

Why is a world class, highly paid, famous and successful business growth expert giving away his success methods to you?

The reason Jay is conducting THIS teleconference call is utterly daring, yet surprisingly straight forward:

Jay knows that generously educating high-energy, growth oriented business owners and professionals is good for his advisory and seminar businesses. Whether you ever become a client or attend one of his high priced training programs doesn�t really matter to Jay.

Because he believes that — if the right group of entrepreneurs listen to his philosophies and ideas, some WILL become clients and a lot more WILL be eager to attend his upcoming three-day training program.

But a number of you won�t. You�ll simply listen, learn and freely use Jay�s ideas and strategic business building thinking to multiply your results and achieve more business net worth on your own.

And that�s alright with Jay. Because, as your business� results starts to explode � people all around you will ask how you�ve done it. You�ll tell them about Jay. Then they�ll turn into clients and seminar attendees.

So Jay is daring you to make your business more profitable — by being on this two-hour, gratis, teleconference call. Then see if your results don�t multiply before the year is up — just from the ideas he shares with you.

Everything Jay tells you about on this call will be immediately usable in your business. There will be no �theory� spoken on this teleconference.

Obviously, Jay has a specific business purpose in mind for doing this call.

It�s to introduce you to his upcoming new three-day long, Abraham Factor: SuperSessions training program in May, in Los Angeles (Anaheim). But Jay will talk only five minutes about that program � and he�ll talk one hour and 55 minutes about how to build your business more value and prosperity.

To make the offer even more irresistible, Jay wants to send everyone registering for his call�not one or two or three or four or even five — but fifteen separate and different business building presents over the course of the next six weeks.

Everything from audios to videos to special reports to success templates to private interviews.

Included in the massive collection of documents, materials and multi-media products Jay will be sending you as his gifts are:

1) A special report on the five ways to create business prosperity

2) An entire executive summary of his upcoming seminar

3) A private report on overlooked ways to make any business more rewarding

4) �The Three Ways To Grow Any Business�

5) The �Advanced Strategy of Preeminence� which any business can master

6) A report called �The Ten Marketing Mistakes� every business is making and how to eliminate doing them

7) �Twenty Business Multipliers Few Business Owners Know About�

8) �Cracking The Millionaire Code For Entrepreneurs�

9) �How To Set Goals, Manage Time and Overcome Procrastination and Fear�

10) �How To Piggyback On The Shoulders Of Business Giants�

And five more.

Jay�s teleconference will focus on some of Jay�s most important and powerful business building concepts and lessons.

If your business has been stressful, erratic, or challenging lately, register for this call. If you�re making good inroads right now; but want to earn boatloads better paydays � register for this call. If your business has reached a plateau, see how to get it going and growing again.

Register by calling Carl Turner, Jay�s head of training programs at 1-888-818-8878 (USA) or 1-310-792-4600 (Direct).

When you call Carl, he�ll send you back an outstanding collection of information, knowledge and wisdom Jay normally only shares with his high paying clients.

You�ll also receive a complete overview of the call itself, a summary of Jay�s new thinking on this program, and an 87-question, self-diagnostic assessment tool called �How Does Your Business Stack Up?�

The conference call is scheduled for Wednesday, March 15th at 4:00pm Pacific (7:00pm Eastern). There will be two replays, too, for people with a time or scheduling problem.

If you want to learn some of the more profitable business lessons you can ever use � call Carl Turner at 1-888-818-8878 (USA) or 1-310-792-4600 (Direct) and register for Jay Abraham�s gratis, two-hour teleconference call.

Don’t forget to ask for your “special Martin Lee gift” when you call Carl to register for the call.

abraham factor Martin Lee on 03 Mar 2006

The Abraham Factor – Part 2

I was supposed to provide more updates on “The Abraham Factor” last week, but there had been some delays in getting the information from The Abraham Group.

From the initial information that I have managed to gather, this system will be revealed at a premier event in Anaheim, CA sometime in early May this year.

Hopefully, I will be able to provide more details by next Friday.

abraham factor Martin Lee on 17 Feb 2006

The Abraham Factor

I just heard about what Jay Abraham says is the most important breakthrough discovery that he has made in the last 15 years. It’s call “The Abraham Factor” and it’s an integrated cutting edge marketing system that can grow and prosper your business at a continuous multiplying rate.

I will be putting up more details on this some time next week, so stay tuned!