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stephen pierce &world internet summit Martin Lee on 23 Apr 2007

World Internet Mega Summit

The World Internet Mega Summit will be held from 26th May 2007 to 29th May 2007.

This time round, there is a very strong line-up of speakers. The speakers are: Jay Abraham, Mark Joyner, Stephen Pierce, Ewen Chia, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Armand Morin, John Childers, Tom Hua and Brett McFall.

As this will be a mega event (with a few thousand people in the audience), the ticket price has been kept very low. Early bird tickets are now currently being sold at S$197 (about US$130) and you can even bring along a friend for free*.

This means that each person only spends like US$65 if they share the cost of the ticket!

Attendees will also get a special WIS passport that will allow them to attend the World Internet Summit event anywhere in the world for the next twelve months. A standalone tickets to one of these events usually sells for about $1000 (depending on the location). Using the passport, you can attend for free.

To get your tickets to this event which will be held in Singapore, you can do so at the World Internet Mega Summit website. If you like, you can also get the tickets from me directly. Just let me know and I will set aside the required number of tickets for you (Payment can be made later).

*Buy one and get one free complimentary ticket offer valid until 26th April 07 only. The complimentary ticket does not come with the WIS passport.

stephen pierce Martin Lee on 22 Nov 2006

My Thoughts on the Stephen Pierce Seminar (Part 2)

I made a slight mistake in my previous post. I said “In my next update, I will show a flowchart which will further explain this entire process.

The process is actually quite straight forward; so what I will be providing instead is a flowchart to explain a way to do affiliate marketing as explained by Stephen Pierce in the seminar (Click on the picture below to download the pdf).

The flowchart shows the correct process to follow when you are sending fresh traffic to a website that you are promoting.

1) Ask for basic information (name & email) in exchange for the lead generation content. If it’s not given, send them to the target site. End of story.

2) If basic information is given, ask them for more information (mailing address or/and phone number) in exchange for additional free content (eg. physical CD). Whatever the outcome, send them to the target site.

3) If mailing address has been collected, mail them the product that was promised to them.

4) Follow up with an email 3 weeks later.

5) If mailing address has been collected, follow up with another direct mail 3 weeks later.

6) Follow up again another 3 weeks later.

You now have a very warm lead that you have built a rapport with. Continue to deliver content and from time to time, you can promote products that are relevant (and of value) to your prospect.

Note: Multiple follow ups from different marketing channels is also called by Jay as the Force Mutiplier Effect.

stephen pierce signing autographs

stephen pierce Martin Lee on 15 Nov 2006

My Thoughts on the Stephen Pierce Seminar (Part 1)

Came back late last night from the Stephen Pierce seminar. Turned out that the organiser decided to make the seminar free for everyone after all. As there’s quite a fair bit of content covered, I will be breaking up the summary into a few portions:

That’s the picture of me and the big guy below.

The theme of yesterday’s seminar was on “how to make money on the internet”. He had it broken down into 6 steps and covered the concept broadly.

1) Choose the area of specialisation and find out the problem that your target market is trying to solve.

2) Develop lead generation content. This is content that you give away to capture the lead information. You also need to come up with a compelling content title. Ask yourself these questions:

Who is the audience or target customer and what’s the goal, challenge or problem? What is needed, wanted & wished for?

3) Package the content. It can be in many forms: DVDs, CDs, mp3s, pdf, etc. The best way to go about creating content is to do a video recording of yourself speaking. It will then be easier to create the other variations (mp3, pdf transcripts) of the same content.

4) Attract target market. To me, traffic generation is one of the most important steps in online marketing. Stephen listed some examples of getting targeted traffic (affiliates, blogs & RSS, pay per click, press releases, articles, SEO) but due to lack of time, didn’t go into any details.

One interesting example he showed us was to micro-segment the target traffic. An example is as given below:

Traders & Investors -> Futures Trader -> Emini Futures Trader -> Emni Futures Day Traders

The visitors can be qualified by asking them specific questions during the lead data capture stage:

What? Traders or Investors
Trade what? Futures, Stocks, Forex, Options
Trading Style? Day trading, Swing trading, Position trading
Trading Experince? Beginner, Intermediate, Advance

By qualifying the visitors and subsequently matching them to most appropriate offer, there will be higher conversions.

5) Compel target market. (to take your desired action)

6) Conversion

In my next update, I will show a flowchart which will further explain this entire process.

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stephen pierce Martin Lee on 14 Nov 2006

Catch Stephen Pierce ‘Live’ in Singapore for Free

Stephen Pierce is a well established Business Optimization Strategist and Internet Marketer. Tomorrow, he will be sharing some of his strategies with us in a ‘live’ seminar over here in Singapore.

Date: 15th November 2006
Time: 7:30pm ~ 9:30pm
Venue: Sheraton Towers Hotel (Newton MRT)

If you would like to be part of this event, you can register here. (Registration is free for the first 30.)

Alternatively, you can also contact me directly with your particulars (name, hp number, email) before 4pm on 15th Nov and I can reserve some complimentary (free) tickets for you.

Here’s what Jay Abraham has to say about Stephen:

I’ve known most of the internet marketing “gurus”. Stephen Pierce stands out amongst the crowd for three reasons:

1. He knows things no one else knows.
2. He knows how to teach his ideas so you can really apply them.
3. His ideas make people money…frequently, a ton of money.

I recommend and respect his abilities and unique skill. You will benefit from anything you learn from him.“

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stephen pierce &video Martin Lee on 24 Oct 2006

Power to Create Profits – Jay Abraham

Directly below is a short 3 minutes episode of “Power to Create Profits” where business optimization specialist Stephen Pierce interviews marketing wizard Jay Abraham (of The Abraham Group) about the single best way to build your business.

If are interested in watching more, here’s where you can watch for free a three hour long video of Jay Abraham speaking at one of Stephen Pierce’s event. Take note that you need to register to get access to the videos.

Registration is free.

stephen pierce &video Martin Lee on 22 Jul 2006

Stephen Pierce Optimization Series

Recently, Jay Abraham did a presentation at one of Stephen Pierce’s marketing workshop called Unleash Your Marketing Genius (UYMG).

The video of the entire presentation can be viewed from Stephen Pierce’s Optimization Series membership site.

Currently, you can register for the membership and watch the video for free.

I’m not too sure how long the membership will stay free so if you are interested in watching the video, you might want to register immediately.

stephen pierce Martin Lee on 20 Mar 2006

Mastermind Group Session in Singapore

Someone once asked Jay what was the one most important skill he would use if he were left alone on a land without any money, passport, contacts, products and nobody knew who he was. His answer? Joint Ventures.

One of Jay’s biggest Joint Ventures partner who made millions last year with Jay is Stephen Pierce. He runs numerous online businesses that are highly profitable and is also a consultant to a number of fortune 1000 companies in the areas of innovation and marketing.

As Stephen will be in Singapore over the weekend as one of the speakers for the World Internet Secrets, Success Resources (the organiser of the seminar), has also managed to get him to conduct a closed door mastermind group session to share how he applies Jay’s strategies.

If you want to get an insight of extreme applications of Jay’s concepts and the speed of the success of these strategies, this one time mastermind session might be of interest to you.

Details are as follows (Singapore time and venue):

Date: 23th March 06 (Thursday)
Time: 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Venue: YWCA, Fort Canning Road : Love and Charity Room (level 3)

You can register here (registration is free).