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video Martin Lee on 30 Oct 2007

Randy Pausch Lecture of a Lifetime

Today, we take a break from marketing. I would like to share with you something that will really help you to reflect on your live and your dreams. Heres the background.

Randy Pausch is a 46-year-old professor at Carnegie Mellon University who specialises in Virtual Reality. He has only a few months to live due to his terminal cancer. A few weeks ago, he delivered a lecture called How to Live Your Childhood Dreams talking about his lifes journey and the lessons hes learned.

The Wall Street Journal called it the lecture of a lifetime.

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video &world internet summit Martin Lee on 07 Nov 2006

Personal Message From Jay Abraham

There’s a personal message from Jay that he wanted me to share with you.

It concerns an event that he will be speaking in this month.

You can view the message here.

stephen pierce &video Martin Lee on 24 Oct 2006

Power to Create Profits – Jay Abraham

Directly below is a short 3 minutes episode of “Power to Create Profits” where business optimization specialist Stephen Pierce interviews marketing wizard Jay Abraham (of The Abraham Group) about the single best way to build your business.

If are interested in watching more, here’s where you can watch for free a three hour long video of Jay Abraham speaking at one of Stephen Pierce’s event. Take note that you need to register to get access to the videos.

Registration is free.

stephen pierce &video Martin Lee on 22 Jul 2006

Stephen Pierce Optimization Series

Recently, Jay Abraham did a presentation at one of Stephen Pierce’s marketing workshop called Unleash Your Marketing Genius (UYMG).

The video of the entire presentation can be viewed from Stephen Pierce’s Optimization Series membership site.

Currently, you can register for the membership and watch the video for free.

I’m not too sure how long the membership will stay free so if you are interested in watching the video, you might want to register immediately.

abraham factor &video Martin Lee on 20 May 2006

The Abraham Factor (Part 8) – Gifting Tree Program

If you had signed up for the Abraham Factor Gifting Tree program previously, you would have received (or were supposed to anyway) a series of emails with the ‘gifts’ and also a DVD sample by mail.
I had received feedback from some of you that you didn’t get the gifts from Abraham Group. Not to worry, here are the links where you can download them directly:

Abraham Factor Gifting Tree

Abraham Factor Syllables and Sample DVD

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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seminar &video Martin Lee on 30 Jan 2006

Jay Abraham Seminar in Malaysia

Here in Singapore where I am, these few days are public holidays as we celebrate the Lunar New Year. Well, I don’t really celebrate much so I made use of the extra break to provide some updates.

Just a few days ago, I was informed by Success Resources that Jay Abraham will be conducting a three day seminar from 11th to 13rd August 06. The venue of the seminar will be at Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I was surprised as Jay had just conducted a similar seminar in Singapore just last year. Anyway, you can find out more information on the seminar at the Success Resources website.

There, you can also watch a video clip snippet of Jay in action, a couple of teleconferences and also a powertalk interview that Jay did with Anthony Robbins. All for free. You might want to have a look at it now in case they decide to remove them one day. 🙂

Anyway, if you are keen to attend this seminar, do drop me a note.

If there are enough interested parties, I might try to work out something with Success Resources about purchasing tickets in bulk.

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