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advertising &seminar Martin Lee on 09 Sep 2007 01:20 pm

More Insights From the Strategic Business Building Weekend

Because of the non-linear format of a Jay Abraham seminar, it is difficult for me to provide an A-Z outline of the syllables and the things I learnt. The workbook given to the participants had a whole chunk of material, and not all were covered during the event. There were also additional materials given to the participants during the event itself.

Here are some additional insights to addon to the previous points I wrote.

Working Your Rolodex

Everyone would probably had a rolodex of about 400 plus people. If you take the trouble and effort to call them once every 3 months (about 4/day), it will result in new opportunities and growth in your existing business. How many of us actually do that? For those who go the extra mile, they will reap the rewards that come with the additional work.


Using endorsements is a very good way to build credibility for your product. During one of the Question and Answer sessions, one of the participants requested for Jay Abraham to endorse his fire safety product. The self-serving question was received with a brilliant reply by Jay.

In any endorsement, if your product is in an industry niche, an endorsement would be most effective if it is by someone prominent or highly regarded in that field. If it is a mass consumer product, then the endorsement should be done by someone well known to everyone. Hence, in the case of the fire safety product, an endorsement by Jay would hardly make any sense.

Sub Power Parthenon

All of Jay Abraham students would be familiar with the Power Parthenon. Something new that I learnt was the Sub Power Parthenon. In essence, this goes one level deeper and looks at the various ways you can use a particular marketing channel.

For example, let us look at direct mail as one of the pillars in the Power Parthenon. If you go one level deeper, you will realise that direct mail can be used for many things. Generating prospects, getting the sale, selling backend items, etc.


Unless you are a very big company, always use direct response advertisement. Stick with the basis.

Get the attention

Arouse interest

Stimulate desire

Call to Action

3 Advanced Ways to Grow a Business

You would probably be familiar with Jay’s 3 ways to grow a business. What you probably didn’t know was that there are also 3 advanced ways to grow your business.

  1. Penetrate a new market every year.
  2. New products/services.
  3. Acquire competitors’ assets and businesses.

Force Multiplier Effect and Sequential Marketing

When you go to war, you want to move in with your infantry, airplanes, bombs, missiles, tanks. Basically, everything you’ve got. It doesn’t matter which one delivers the killer blow in the end; they all play an important role.

It’s the same thing when you try to sell something. You want to hit the prospect with everything you have got. Direct mail, phone calls, emails, greeting cards, sales presentation, and more. It might take up to 11 contacts before he says yes to you. Therefore, you should have an integrated sequential marketing process built into your marketing efforts.

This ties in with the Strategy of Preeminence.

If you truly believe that your product will bring value to your prospect and make a difference in his life, you have a moral obligation to advice, educate and win him over. You want to establish yourself as his most trusted advisor.

And if you do not believe in your product, then you shouldn’t even be selling it in the first place.


Some people worry about over-selling and irritating their clients. It is better to have people who either love or hate you, than to have people who barely tolerate you. Move them to either side of the fence, and you will have time to really focus on your clients.

In my next post, I will end off with my overall impression of the event.

One Response to “More Insights From the Strategic Business Building Weekend”

  1. on 09 Sep 2007 at 11:18 pm 1.Paul said …

    If think the issue of polarisation is really interesting and so true.

    It doesn’t matter what the people who were never going to buy think.

    Too much marketing is bland is some misconceived desire to appeal to everyone with the result that it doesn’t hot home with anyone.

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