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joint ventures Martin Lee on 19 Sep 2006 11:20 pm

Setting Up Joint Ventures – Part 4

One of the first steps in setting up joint ventures is to identify potential partners. The correct way to go about it is to start with your warm list, lukewarm list, followed by your cold list.

This process can be time consuming and depending on your lists, may or may not be effective.

Today, Marc Goldman and JP Maroney relaunched JV Dealmakers, a membership site dedicated for business owners to find suitable joint venture partners.

I used the word “relaunched” because they had it previously but closed it down for a revamp.

I went into the membership area to see what they had to offer. Summary of my review is as follows:

1) The “JV proposal guidelines” that is included with the membership is pretty decent. It shows you step-by-step what are the different things to include when writing your own JV proposal.

2) The proposal archives were divided into the following categories:

Direct Marketing
Financial Services
Food And Beverage
Health Care
Internet Marketing
Real Estate
Small Business

It pretty much covers everything so any product/service should be able to fall into one of those categories. I was a bit disappointed to see older proposals (some of which were no longer relevant) still in the archive. Some moderation (removal of outdated proposals) should be done to make it easier for members to find what they want.

3) The forum is still new. Hopefully, we will have members asking questions with Marc and JP providing guidance. A succesful forum usually depends on active members.

4) As part of the membership, I’m supposed to receive a specific JV blueprint for a different industry every month, and also a monthly member kit of newsletter and audio magazine with real-world joint venture advice, ideas and strategies. Sounds good but can’t really comment on it now as I have not receive mine yet.

5) There were ten JV mastermind interviews in the bonus section. Some of the names were recognisable to me:

Mark Joyner, Jeff Gardner, Shawn Casey, Stephen Pierce, Alan Bechtold, T.J. Rohleder, Yanik Silver, Tony Marino, Russ Von Hoelscher, and Jack Zufelt.

Tried listening to a few and managed to pick up a couple of ideas. However, there were some audio interference for some of the recordings towards the end and it was disturbing to me.

6) For the first 24 hours of relaunch (ends 20th Sep, 2pm Eastern time), a digital copy of the “Joint Venture Secrets Revealed” manual will be given. I thought that the value of this bonus is worth the first month’s membership fee. Besides step-by-step instructions on setting up a joint venture, it also highlights 25 case studies of people who had used joint ventures successfully in various industries. Sample legal contracts and NDA were also included in the manual.

7) At a price of US$97/month, this membership is definitely not meant for anybody. Setting a higher entry price ensures some form of quality control in the membership. Sadly, Marc did not take up my suggestion of providing a 30-day money back guarantee. He did not want people signing up just to get the bonus, and then cancelling their account. This would have been a good way to practice risk reversal.

Overall, I will say that the success of JV Dealmakers will depend very much on the members that they attract, as well as the value that Marc and JP can bring through their monthly newsletter, etc.

Realistically speaking, there is also no guarantee on the frequency of deals. You might be able to set up a deal immediately upon joining, or have nothing for a few months but later get a big JV tie-up. The fee model used does ensure that you only pay a fixed amount every month even if you set up many deals (or no deals).

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  1. on 19 Jun 2007 at 3:33 pm 1.Martin Lee said …

    I went in to check at the membership site.

    Apparently, it didn’t worked out as well. There wasn’t really enough members to ensure the usefulness of the paid membership.

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