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stephen pierce Martin Lee on 20 Mar 2006 07:09 am

Mastermind Group Session in Singapore

Someone once asked Jay what was the one most important skill he would use if he were left alone on a land without any money, passport, contacts, products and nobody knew who he was. His answer? Joint Ventures.

One of Jay’s biggest Joint Ventures partner who made millions last year with Jay is Stephen Pierce. He runs numerous online businesses that are highly profitable and is also a consultant to a number of fortune 1000 companies in the areas of innovation and marketing.

As Stephen will be in Singapore over the weekend as one of the speakers for the World Internet Secrets, Success Resources (the organiser of the seminar), has also managed to get him to conduct a closed door mastermind group session to share how he applies Jay’s strategies.

If you want to get an insight of extreme applications of Jay’s concepts and the speed of the success of these strategies, this one time mastermind session might be of interest to you.

Details are as follows (Singapore time and venue):

Date: 23th March 06 (Thursday)
Time: 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Venue: YWCA, Fort Canning Road : Love and Charity Room (level 3)

You can register here (registration is free).

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  1. on 12 May 2006 at 5:19 am 1.Joel said …


    One point that i will like to highlight and help many people. I believe that many people out there have plenty of ideas, and they may have the basic resources to turn their ideas into cash. However would you agree with me that most people are oblivious to the fact that they can put their ideas into action and start making money right now?

    Now, if you have a fantastic idea. I can guarrantee you that on another part of the world there will be another person that have the same idea that you have. Itís not whether you have an idea or not, the issue here is how fast you can turn the idea into reality.

    One of the most effective treatments is a functioning and powerful MasterMind Group. MasterMind Groups provide fuel that can catapult you into action and keep you in momentum once youíve gotten going. I view them as a positive version of a cattle prod.

    Letís be honest that most of us do need a PUSH in order to start taking action. When working alone, we can justify why itís a good idea to put off taking action, but when we have to make those justifications to a group of people who stand for our success and growth, itís another matter and our blocks and fears are exposed.

    Joel Chue
    Author of ‘Mastermind Secrets’ Ebook.

    How Can Ordinary People Leverage a Mastermind Group System to Produce Extraordinary Results Over and Over Again?

    A Free 24 page Report Shows You How


    Mastermind Hub is the leading movement devoted to empowering ordinary people like you and me with the Mastermind group strategy to achieve big dreams.

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