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teleconference Martin Lee on 25 Mar 2009

Jay Abraham’s Ways to Prosper in this Recession

Ever since US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner took up the hot seat on Feb 26, he has been criticised every step of the way.

From his (unpreviously) unpaid taxes, his vague bank rescue plan and more recently, over his failure to stop the AIG from paying out $165 million in executive bonuses.

While we wait for the White House to revive the economy, governments worldwide are announcing unprecedented stimulus packages to jumpstart the economy.

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teleconference Martin Lee on 13 Feb 2009

What Would Jay Do if He Were You?

Reproducing a recent email from Jay Abraham below:

When business and financial tension is high, when
income and profit generation becomes a struggle,
when business and careers are recording record
losses, when you start thinking you’re losing the
business or career battle…you need a breath of
fresh air.

You need to know what Jay would do — if he were


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teleconference Martin Lee on 05 Feb 2009

Has the Recession Pummeled Your Business Profits?

Reproducing a recent email from Jay Abraham below:

Turbulent times spin almost everybody’s business
into a downward profit spiral…most probably it’s
YOUR business that’s suffering, mightily, too.

I know it seems that the recession is fueling
incredible problems for every business owner out
there — including, you. But I can probably help
you generate a massive turn-around strategy…very

Seriously, while today’s brutal economy has turned
down virtually every one of your competitor’s
businesses — it actually could turn YOUR
business-alone, into a pipeline-of-profits.

If that sounds improbable — even impossible, it’s
not. Let me explain AND demonstrate.

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joint ventures &video Martin Lee on 21 Dec 2008

Jay Abraham Power Partnering Super Summit

Spike Humer has graciously shared a video of the presentation he made a couple of months ago in the Jay Abraham Joint Venture Power Partnering Super Summit.

This is a 30 minute video on the essentials of presentation, negotiation, and persuasion in deal making, joint venture creation, and high-ticket selling. Participants were given unique strategies and information on presenting joint venture, strategic alliance, deal making, and selling opportunities in any market, economy, or industry.

You can watch the video below:

barter &teleconference Martin Lee on 12 Dec 2008

Power Bartering

Jay Abraham has just released a report on an income generating strategy that works even in a recession – bartering. This Power Bartering Special Situation report offers a glimpse at the opportunities available to anyone who makes effective use of batering.

  • How to cut many of your bills into half
  • Create more purchasing power
  • Buy without money – never borrow again
  • Finance rapid growth
  • Turn excess inventory into cash
  • And more…

For those interested to know more, there’s also a series of training sessions next week on this topic. They will be hosted by Jay Abraham and his two bartering mentors, David Wagenvoord and Spike Humer.

The sessions will by held on the 15th, 17th and 19th of December. More details on registration can be found inside the report.

seminar Martin Lee on 04 Nov 2008

Jay Abraham in Japan, Tokyo

Here’s an invitation by Jay Abraham to join him in Tokyo. For more information, please contact me.

joint ventures &seminar &teleconference Martin Lee on 15 Oct 2008

How to Prosper From All The Financial Collapses

Reproducing an email from Jay Abraham below:

Whether you own a business, work for a business,
are unemployed, retired or a student — you can
honestly, successfully, immediately and massively
profit from ALL the financial and economic crisis
we’re dealing with today.

How? Many different and lucrative ways.

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teleconference Martin Lee on 25 Sep 2008

Jay Abraham Call with Rich Schefren

Join Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren as they focus on overcoming the barriers that are blocking you from success, and how clearing these hurdles can help you discover the key leveraging point for your business.

In this “Constraint-Busting” Teleseminar, they’ll talk about the tools you need to eliminate those walls and finally achieve the wealth, freedom, and lifestyle you deserve.

Plus, they’ll talk about some of their personal constraints they’ve faced over the years, and how they overcame them.

You can download the mp3 and pdf of the teleconference here:

Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren (Click and scroll down the page to the post dated 24th Sep 08)

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